Syngonium — care at home


Increasingly found in offices and private homes of flora of South America.

Looks more impressive than the plant, so it is more popular.

And even the fact that some individuals are poisonous, gardeners that don’t stop.

It is to such plants is Syngonium. Though it is grassy, but grows to significant size.

Singonium to be comfortable to grow in a flowerpot you need to install the prop – tube, wrapped with coconut fiber.

Syngonium — care at home

 Location and lighting

As syngonium develops lunoobraznoe, plants need to allocate a permanent place for the movements not to harm either its stem or aerial roots on them.

Besides outdoor location syngonium at home you can keep in limbo. Beautiful long stems – original designer solution.

But to syngonium pleasing to the eye, the plant should be protected from direct sunlight. Therefore, to keep in the summer, this vine needs away from the window, and only in winter, move the plant closer to the light.


The optimum temperature for this representative of the tropics should be able to withstand the range of 20-24°C in summer. In winter, during the rest period, syngonium «useful» temperature +18°C.

The plant is able to endure and lowering the temperature to +10°C. under such conditions the flower will not live long, so you should not rely on its cold tolerance.

Watering and humidity

The presence of singonium of aerial roots suggests that it is more «likes» the humidity than dryness.

So in the summer the plant should be regularly sprinkled with warm water. And as often as possible to wipe the leaves with a damp cloth.

But with irrigation it is advisable not to overdo it so that water does not stagnate in the earthen substrate or in the pan.

Watering the plant should be often but sparingly as it dries the top layer of soil. The frequency of watering depends on the temperature, the lower it is, the less watering.


To syngonium at home is well developed in the period of growth, it should be fertilizing liquid consistency, suitable for decorative indoor plants. And do this preferably every 15 days.

But winter feeding should be removed completely, so as not to stimulate the growth of singonium in the dormant period.

Transplantation and propagation

One of the conditions of care of a plant is its transplant into the new pots. In the first years of life syngonium transplanted every spring. Mature plants require transplanting every 3 years.

Propagated adult specimens the tops that are cut back in winter. In this case, the handle must be at least 2 aerial roots. In place of the cut appear side shoots, which are transplanted material.

Pests and fight with them

Despite the fact that syngonium – plant is poisonous, there is a «gourmand». To these «brave men» are aphids, scale insects, thrips are located on the


the stems of the plants and on both sides of the sheet.

To deal with pests can be widely common insecticides.

It is recommended during the treatment of plants to use 2 types of drugs, alternating between them.

But before you proceed to the improvement of plants, it should be washed with soap and water.

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