Swordplay seedlings — seedlings Seating

swordplay seedlings

Swordplay seedlings and transplant on the other, is used for uniform distribution of seedlings in greenhouse, the seedling box.

In cold areas, seeds for seedlings sown at home planting boxes, where they safely grow to warming.

With the onset of warm days, the seedlings are transplanted in the greenhouses in suburban gardens.

For transplanting seedlings are selected healthy and strong seedlings. To start on a prepared area for planting, using your finger or the stick is deeper and filled with water.

Then carefully removed the seedlings from the box. At the seedling and remove one third of the main root.

This is done in order to start to develop a fibrous root system.

Next, the seedlings are placed in a prepared recess (5-6cm), and firmly press down the earth, so that it was impossible to extract the leaf.

On the surface, leaving 1.5 cm – 2 cm Seedlings are planted at a distance of 10 cm from each other. Picks of the seedlings is carried out after the appearance of 2-3 leaves.

To water the seedlings can be 2 times a week until complete soaking of the soil. The first few days keep the greenhouse temperature not lower than + 15 ° C.

If you pick seedlings carried out in peat cups, perform this operation at home, and then with warming to take to the cottage.

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