Swordplay seedlings of peppers — step by step

Swordplay seedlings of peppers

In March, when the canopy grows up and they have four true leaves is swordplay seedlings of pepper.

You first need to prepare the cups, the capacity of which should not exceed 250 ml

Wash them, make holes in the bottoms to drain excess water. On each Cup write the name of the variety of pepper. Then the containers filled with earth.

For growing you can use containers from food products, dairy Tetra-packs or buy special pots for seedlings.

Forward-thinking gardeners are preparing the soil mixture for future seedlings in the autumn, barely gathering the crop. Peppers need nutrient rich humus soil is loose.

Added to the mixture of wood ash, sand and phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. It is possible for this purpose to take the land purchased in the store.

Often, however, such soil is poor quality – in pots may appear mold or green build, the soil is poorly sifted. Besides, if seedlings need a lot, to make the required quantity of the mixture itself is much cheaper than buying.

Swordplay seedlings of peppers is not difficult, but requires accuracy and includes the steps:

  • About an hour before picking watered seedlings.
  • Fill the cups with earth and moisten it. With a pencil or just your finger make a well in center of 4 – 5 cm.
  • Using a regular table fork to carefully dig the pepper. The plug perpendicular to the stick next to the stalk and carefully remove it from the seedling.
  • The pepper, removing the plug placed in the hole. The plug carefully removed, holding the soil with your finger. The roots should be placed freely in the hole. Then the ground around the stem seal. It is not recommended to bury the seedlings up to the cotyledons, it can lead to rotting of the base of the stem.
  • After transplant, the plants watered, being careful not to wash the ground. At the time of adaptation polerowanej seedlings of pepper pots set, so they would not burn at the sun. In a day or two peppers put on a well-lit place.
  • A week and a half raspolirovki peppers fed fertilizer designed specifically for seedlings.

Often, inexperienced gardeners doubt that swordplay seedlings of peppers needed. Experts recommend be sure to carry out this procedure. Densely growing seedlings, growing up occlude each other. Fighting for the light

Swordplay seedlings of peppers

the stems begin to elongate, and the seedling becomes weak.

Another argument in favor of the pick, the fact that the peppers seem to tolerate the transplant at a young age than later, when the time comes to plant them in a permanent place.

It is easier to cross into the wells in the beds of individual plants from pots without damaging the roots, than to dig them out of the box.

To save yourself from picking some peppers from seeds sown in individual pots two to three pieces. The growth of the seedlings and remove the weaker and the strong ones leave.

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