Swordplay seedlings – features and scheme

Swordplay seedlings

Many gardeners know the process. This transplant seedlings into another container during active growth.

Swordplay seedlings is a very important point is to ensure the plant is fertile and nourishing soil, it is necessary that the plants were «used» to transplant.

To swordplay seedlings can begin when the plant reaches three to four leaves.

Although it is possible later. If seedlings come up a lot, to pick use the best plants.

As for valuable hybrid varieties, transplanted all the plants, because even sickly plants, you can reap a good harvest.

The process of picking

Swordplay seedlings is carried out in a couple of hours after a heavy watering with warm water. This approach will help to effortlessly remove the seedlings without damage.

With a special peg plant is removed from soil, the seedling should be kept in cotyledonary leaves.

It is impossible to keep the germ the stalk, because otherwise he could die. The sprouts are transplanted in the container with the prepared soil. The Cup should be filled with soil about ¾ of the volume.

In soil you need to make a hole with a stick or pencil, hybrids sprout in there and tamped down the soil. But to take the soil should be at the base of the stem so it can «breathe».

Swordplay is carried out according to the scheme from 5×5 to 10×10 cm or use a separate container. The seedlings slowly removed from the soil, cut 1/3 of root system with scissors and deepen the capacity.

Trim the root of the need for better branching root system. This procedure is a good basis for further transplanting in the open ground.

Many gardeners disinfect the root system. To do this, use potassium permanganate 1 g. to 1 liter of water. Disinfection will help the young seedlings to fight bacteria, rot and other diseases.

Most cultures bury the cotyledons. Thus, the problem with the elongation of the seedling, if there is one. Besides, it promotes greater formation of roots.

But the seeds of pepper should be deepened to the same depth at which it grew before that, or deeper than 1 cm otherwise the seedlings will root.

Swordplay seedlings brings many benefits. For example, does not require thinning. Also in the process of picking weak shoots are removed and the strongest remain.

Swordplay leads to the development of a good root system, the plant survives better and is significantly increased future harvest.

Aftercare for seedlings

After picking the seedlings must be watered. The first days it is necessary to provide special care. Capacity

Swordplay seedlings

seedlings transferred to a cool place where humidity.

The place must be shaded, up to the time until the seedlings are well established. After about 5 days the seedlings can be put on the window sill.

Plants do not fertilize the first week, until then, until you noticed the friendly growth. When you consider all of these recommendations, the seedlings will be high quality and productive.

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