Swine disease symptoms and treatment

Horobi pigs

But sad to say this, but pigs are the most susceptible to various diseases than other animals of the household.

Among the diseases of pigs can be infectious and noninfectious.

In addition, animals tend swine diseases, they are still susceptible to diseases common among people.

Health pigs can worsen from improper maintenance, improper feeding, bad food, cold drafts, extreme heat or extreme cold, fractures, and wounds of different origin.

The first symptoms of the disease pigs can be poor appetite, sluggish, rashes, spots, ruffled hair, increased body temperature, discharge from eyes, nasal and oral cavity, swelling, color change of stool, the presence of worms in the stool.

Should any of these signs, you should immediately seek help to the veterinarian.

Swine disease

Most often pigs experience gastrointestinal disorders. This happens when the wrong feeding or if the food was spoiled, and if it hit a poisonous plant.

Due to drafts, cold floor, poor ventilation, animals can develop respiratory problems. The disease is accompanied by cough, fever and release from the nose.

The result of insufficient content of vitamins in the diet may be deficiency.

Vitamin a deficiency can lead to deformities of calves, abortion and a low impregnation capacity.

Low vitamin D leads to poor calcium absorption from the intestine, disturbance of bone tissue. The juveniles observed rickets, a significant lag in growth.

A blockage of the esophagus may be the result of feeding pigs is not crushed root vegetables, ingress of foreign bodies in the bone, wire or nails.

In this disease the animal is behaving very restlessly, often swallows, and from the mouth of saliva, pig shakes his head. In this situation, assistance should be provided immediately.

The esophagus can enter the hose with rounded edges and pour in some oil.

This decision will greatly facilitate the passage of the foreign body.

Bone disease of pigs develops due to deficiency of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.

The disease can be complicated with a lack of ultraviolet rays.

The animal’s appetite decreases, productivity, flabbiness.

Over time, the pig begins to limp, joints thicken and deform

horobi pigs


If the disease is neglected, it may cause fractures.

To solve this problem, the diet should include the essential elements and provide the animal walks outdoors.

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