Sweet pepper (Bulgarian)

bell pepper

Pepper – Pepper plant family includes more than 700 species, among which red pepper (hot) and pepper vegetable (sweet Bulgarian).

Sweet or bell pepper contains many beneficial nutrients, in particular vitamins C, a, E, PP, P and trace elements ( potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, silicon, iodine).

That is why bell peppers are very useful for the prevention of inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases.

Bell peppers are heat — loving culture. The seeds germinate at temperatures above 13C. The optimum temperature for the growth of 25C.

Peppers are very sensitive to low temperatures under 0 C may die. Extreme heat is also bad moves, there is a drop of flower buds, total inhibition of plants.

Due to the limited distribution of roots, sweet peppers require frequent watering. Moisture, which is necessary for the formation of the crop.

With the age of the pepper the need for water increases. Growing bell peppers on clay soils it is necessary to always keep the soil moist at 90% to the formation of the fruit and 80% in the subsequent period.

On sandy and loamy soils watering should be carried out at lower humidity to 70%.

Plants of sweet pepper light. When shading occurs, the shedding of the ovaries, buds. Sometimes the yellowing of leaves, vegetative organs have become very brittle.

 Plant pepper is very exacting to soil fertility. Good yields of peppers grow on sandy loam or black earth legalistic.

Growing sweet or bell peppers, though difficult, but very fun and a true gardeners can deliver tremendous pleasure in the country.

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