Sweet cherry varieties – the title and description

Sweet cherry varieties – the title and description

Perhaps it is the cherries is associated with summer.

This berry want to have in your garden many gardeners, especially if it is a rare grape variety, which have no neighbors.

Cherries contains more sugar than, for example, in cherries, and the harvest is also good.

Berries can be eaten both fresh and in juice, frozen or in jam. But all sweet cherry varieties are divided into early, mid and late.

Early varieties of cherries

Called early despite the fact that the berries can be canned and eat immediately.

Iput. Wide crown in the form of a pyramid. A tree with many leaves, but the letter is not long, has a light gloss on the edge have teeth. Berry weighing from 4 to 9 gr. painted in dark red color.

Overripe cherries are painted almost a black color. With proper care, a single tree can produce up to 80 kg. resistant to frost and is not afraid of hot summer. But for this class we need «neighbor» pollinator.

Valery Chkalov. Tree vigorous, with massive foliage. The leaves are large, on the edge of the teeth. The berries have a weight of 8 to 9 grams. The color of the berries of ruby with a black tinge, the flesh is painted in a deep coral color.

Berries can be used for juice and as a dessert. Suitable for conservation. Requires pollinator. Well-can withstand temperatures down to -23°C. Mature tree can produce up to 175 kg

Leningrad. Can pollinate other sweet cherry varieties. A tree with a high crown, branched. The size of them is standard and is on average about 4 grams.

The color is mostly garnet, but seperately the berries become almost black. Has a good resistance to low temperatures, high and consistent yield. Berries can be canned and prepare juice from them.

Ostozhenka. Crown rounded, dense, with many leaves. Needs a pollinator, but berry has a pleasant taste and pleasing every year a large harvest. This variety is perfectly withstands both extreme heat and low temperature.

Middle-ripening varieties of cherries

Maturation comes after the early varieties about a week.

Zealous. The tree is medium. The weight of the berries no more than 5 oz., but during the wet summer does not crack. Fully ripe berries are painted with a dark red hue. The variety is productive and resistant to frost.

Fatezh. Practically not affected by diseases, crown spherical, not high. Lots of berries up to 5 grams. The color is yellow with a pink tinge. Suitable for the pollination of many varieties of cherries.

Surprise. The yield is very high. The disease affected not much. The fruit has a weight up to 10 gr. Color garnet. Requires pollinator. Great variety can withstand cold, but the intense heat can burn the bark of the tree.

Late varieties of cherries

 Regina. A tree of medium height. Can withstand temperatures down to — 25°C. the Yield of stable, high. The color of the berries Carmine, weight up to 10 gr. Overripe berries do not crumble. Requires pollinator.

Sweet cherry varieties

Napoleon. The tree is tall, the crown in the form of a ball. The berries weigh between 6 and 8 grams. The color is almost black. Since one tree can remove up to 65 kg.

Great for transporting and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to Crescent. Can be damaged cherry fly, but to a small extent.

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