Supplementary lighting of seedlings at home

Supplementary lighting of seedlings

In order to grow good seedlings, the day length should be at least 12-14 hours.

However, in winter natural light only lasts for about 50% of the required norm.

Therefore, this fluorescent light, or rather its intensity is not enough for normal growth.

Supplementary lighting of seedlings in the home should be 7 to 20 hours, and not just in the morning and evening.

Numerous studies have shown a direct relationship between the intensity and duration of lighting on the quality of seedlings, and consequently improving productivity.

Lack of light leads to violation of plant development, they stretch and grow weak. Therefore, supplementary lighting of seedlings plays an important role in its cultivation.

Supplementary lighting of seedlings at home

For the normal development of seedlings, you need to ensure the coverage of at least 20,000 Lux, and the rate of natural light in the winter only about 5,000 Lux.

Many growers for supplementary lighting of seedlings used incandescent bulbs, and it is wrong. The fact that they emit a lot of infrared rays, which heat the ambient temperature, because of this, the seedlings ahead of time badly drawn.

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Lighting for seedlings is better to use fitolampy or tubular fluorescent light.

Recently in garden stores buyers the choice of special led lamps, which are created for additional lighting of crops.

Their field of application is very wide, depending on the model, the lamps can be used at home for supplementary lighting of seedlings in the greenhouse in the country.

Fitolampy operate in the range from 400 to 700 nm, which has a positive effect on plants, as this range they need.

In addition, the LEDs emit red and blue spectra, which are also important for the growth of crops. The red light improves root development, and improves the development of the blue green mass.

Fitolamp need to install at a height of not more than 15cm, and the growth of seedlings it is necessary to raise the lamp, keeping it at a distance.

The LEDs emit virtually no heat, so they will not affect the General terms of seed germination and

Supplementary lighting of seedlings at home

seedling growth, in addition, such a light economical power consumption.

To understand the need for supplementary lighting of seedlings, conduct a home experiment.

One box of seedlings grow under normal conditions, and second provide extra lighting, and autumn will see the results.

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