Summer kitchen for villas with their hands

summer kitchen in the country

In the recent past, a summer kitchen was an indispensable attribute of the holiday vacation.

When a significant lack of space in the garden house of the owners of the site tried to make additional extensions in the form of additional dining space.

Currently a summer kitchen in the country is a unique place for entertaining and relaxing.

Besides, a summer kitchen made by hand, will allow you to handle the crop without risk to make a mess in the house.

The hostess, alopecosa in the summer kitchen, is still in the garden and with his «captain’s bridge» to guide the actions of the entire country team.

summer kitchen with your own hands

Over time place for a summer vacation that is changing room for a summer kitchen increases, is attached next to the barbecue area, combined with the location of the holiday cottage.

Garden and its construction largely depends on the area a suburban area.

If the place is big enough you can place it more large-scale building such as the pavilion dining room.

As a rule, the construction of the suit near the country house. This facilitates the provision of a kitchen with electricity, water and if possible gas.

A small place in the pavilion is a place for cooking, which is well equipped with oven, grill, fireplace or electric stove.

It all depends on the style you want to give your summer kitchen. You can also place the cabinets and shelves for storing kitchen utensils. And the rest of the pavilion is a dining area with comfortable furniture.

summer kitchen

Design summer kitchen in the country can be light and open on several sides. Although protection from the elements of wind and rain, we need to consider.

For people whose holiday season doesn’t end all year round lasts most of the season, suitable structures, which can hardly be called a summer kitchen.

Such buildings are more serious and must withstand the onslaught of any disaster. In fact, it is heated and insulated detached house or a covered gazebo.

In addition, in this kitchen you can place boxes and pots with herbs – and on your table will always be fresh and green.

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