Suburban furnace long burning, wood burning

furnaces for garden

Heating system for giving differ somewhat from the heating equipment for private houses, above all, that to give no need to constantly maintain a high temperature.

In such cases, the most successful variant of the furnace be capable of a small amount of time to heat the room.

The most successful option, you get a furnace to give a long combustion with direct convection heating method, the most famous of which: Buleryan, Breneman and Professor Butakov.

The principle of furnace operation and design features of All heaters of this plan are equipped with an air heat exchanger made in the form of steel pipes encircling the furnace of the furnace, in some models the tubes are the combustion chamber walls.

In the combustion process the air in this exchanger heats up and begins to leave through the upper free ends of the pipes, automatically giving way and drawing cool air from below.

Convection the movement of air allows you in a few hours to heat the room a large area.

To increase the operating cycle and growth efficiency equipment, these ovens work on the principle of the gas generator, receiving and recycling the pyrolysis gas.

To obtain pyrolysis of the wood smolders at a high temperature, and not burning at full power, increasing the operating time on one tab fuel up to 5-7 hours.

The special design of the furnace, in some models, allows you to create a swirling of the flame and better combustion of wood gas, by the labyrinth system of the dividers creating a sense of anxiety.

Adjusting the intensity of the fire and, accordingly, the temperature of the air is performed by a special flap or opening of the ash drawer.

Some models of suburban furnaces of long burning are equipped with cooktops allow you to cook food and heat water. The most advanced heaters can be equipped with ovens.

For water heating are used samovar mounted tanks of the type mounted on the furnace flue. A small range of furnaces is available with built-in tanks.

Installation of country kiln

 A large portion of the heaters for the house, working on wood is available with a complete equipment, for operation which is simple enough to attach a chimney.

Despite this furnace installation requires some installation work to the adjacent insulation surface. This is especially true for wooden houses and furnaces, not equipped with an external protective casing.

Fume collection system also requires thermal insulation in places of an adjunction to walls and passing through floors. This is due to the high temperature of emitted gases.

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