Stromanta care at home


If you somewhere meet stromanta, she immediately becomes the object of universal attention, by such a beauty impossible to pass without admiration.

This plant choose to grow indoors through truly luxurious leaves, lush, mottled, shimmering from white to green, from gold to Burgundy.

Large, dense, powerful leaves make the flower more majestic.

Stromanta care at home

 Location and lighting

Suitable for growing bright, but with diffused light. The lack of light, however, as a direct hit of the sun, reduce leaf plates and blanching of the color of leaves.

The optimal place for growing at home – the Windows on the East, West or South orientation.

If the plant is located on the South side, it should be pritenyat. If the flower was placed on the North window in winter will need extra lighting.


Stromanthe in the spring and summer should be kept at a temperature of 22-27° night allowed a little coolness. In the autumn-winter period the indoor temperature from 18 to 20°C.

Stromanty watering and humidity

Watered flower profusely. About the need for irrigation stromanty shows the dried up soil from the top. In the autumn, watering is reduced. The main thing – to follow, to avoid stagnation of water and to dry soil ball.

For irrigation uses soft, separated or filtered water. Plants need high humidity, if possible, increase the humidity to 90%.

In an apartment that humidity can not be achieved, so around the flower need to constantly humidify the air, spray and wipe the leaves.


Feeding stromanty at home begins in the spring, at this time there is increased growth of the leaves.

Suitable for feeding fertilizer for indoor plants. The frequency of fertilizer no more than twice per month.

Since the flower is sensitive to excess minerals in the soil, fertilizer used at half strength.

Transplantation and propagation stromanty

Transplanting is carried out every 2 years, the best time is mid – spring. When transplanting is recommended to replace the soil.

As a rule, stromanta at home propagated vegetatively: by dividing rhizomes or cuttings. Reproduction occurs via seeds, but this method will require a lot of time and effort.

Pests stromanty and fight with them

Cause diseases of plants lies in the improper care and poor conditions



In addition, disease can be caused by a variety of pests: whiteflies, spider mite, scale insects and mealybugs.

About the attack of pests on stromanthe show brown or whitish spots on the leaves.

To combat them, the plant must be washed in soapy water and treat with a special compound.

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