Strip Foundation with his own hands

Strip Foundation with his own hands

Strip Foundation is often used in the construction of baths, cottages or garage.

The reason for the use of this method lies in the small financial expense as well as its functionality.

For the construction of strip Foundation with his own hands the concrete (200 M), which you can knead yourself or order.

If you intend to self-study of concrete, it will be composed of 1 part cement, coarse sand 2 parts and 2.5 parts gravel.

Also for the manufacture of formwork strip Foundation will need a Board with a thickness of 20 mm, wire reinforcement, and an iron rod with a cross section of 9-12 mm

Before you begin, you need to study the type of soil, how it freezes in the winter, as well as the depth of groundwater.

If you plan on a strip Foundation construction of the house, it is necessary to carry out the calculations (but not independently).

Their forces in the calculation can be dispensed with, if the building will be small, for example, bath or garage.

Strip Foundation with his own hands

From the area clean up the garbage, and only then proceed to markup. Adhering to project markings are applied to land, taking into account internal and external borders.

Marking is done using stakes and strong twine. Future continuous footing turned out perfectly smooth, you need to start the markup with the evaluation axis of the future building.

You need to take a plumb line and mark the first corner, and then the perpendicular from it to stretch the rope, moving in the other corners. Then, using gon need to define the fourth corner.

Equality of angles check diagonally. This scheme is carried out and internal layout, but you need to retreat inside 400 mm (optimal width).

Next you need to look at the differences and pick the lowest place, from which to establish the depth of the trench.

This approach helps to avoid oscillations in the height of the future of the strip Foundation. If the structure is small enough the depth of the pit is 400 mm.

The pit digging like a backhoe and their hands — with a shovel. Definitely not recommended to dig «around», be sure to use a water level. You also need to follow strict vertical walls.

On the bottom of the prepared trench for strip Foundation should be laid a cushion on the basis of the sand.

This is done in order to significantly lower the offseason, the load and reduce the financial costs of construction materials.

The sand you need to pour a layer of 200 mm is necessary to align its water level, compacted, wetting with water.

Next, pour a layer of gravel, put a layer of waterproofing it can be a roofing material.

Before pouring concrete, constructing the formwork made of boards or other material. Then fit the valve, so that a square cell had a size of 300 mm. When connecting, you cannot use welding.

When laying the rebar need to be sure that she retreated from the edge by about 5

Strip Foundation with his own hands

cm, in this case, the armature will remain in the Foundation.

Next, pour the concrete, not forgetting its compaction. The top layer should be leveled with a shovel and waking with cement.

This is done in order to prevent cracking. The whole strip Foundation is covered with burlap and leaves for about a month.

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