Strelitzia — care at home


From a distance this plant looks like some kind of unusual bird (apparently, these are found in heaven).

And creates the impression of the original flower in the form of, indeed, the bird’s head with a «beak» and «tuft».

And flower a continuation of a long, sometimes up to 1.5 m, stems.

Strelitzia (named the plant in honor of Queen Charlotte of Strelitz) is the representative of the South African tropics. But this does not prevent him to endure the living conditions in our latitudes.

Strelitzia — care at home

 Location and lighting

As plants reach a significant size, it should not be planted in pots and tubs. At the same time around the plants should be enough space for growth.

Strelitzia loves «bathing» in sunlight, but it is better to create for plants are the light that is scattered (to avoid burns on the leaves).

The choice of location in the home relative to the cardinal directions for this plant does not matter – strelitzia naughty. But to slightly delay the growth of a flower, it can be put in the North window.


Use the temperature mode to adjust the period of flowering strelitzia. So, the plant is abundantly butanediol at a temperature of 22-25°C and at rest occurs at 14-16 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, it is better to have 2 barrels strelitzia, setting each plant its mode of flowering. And then you can enjoy the beauty of the amazing «birds of Paradise» year-round.

Watering strelitzia and humidity

Flowering plants always need a lot of moisture. Therefore, strelitzia at home should be abundantly watered in the flowering period and moderate during the rest period.

But this is not to prevent water stagnation in the tank under the barrel. Water is used only to defend the warm, soft concentration.

As for humidity, here strelitzia is not demanding. But in hot weather does not hurt to periodically spray the plant with warm water and «wash» the leaves.


Feeding strelitzia should be carried out 2 times a month only in the period of active growth and flowering.

When the plant goes dormant, mineralization is not necessary. Special recommendations on choosing the fertilizer for the plants.

Strelitzia in home fit common universal tool for indoor plants.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant the strelitzia should be cautious, the root system is she fragile. Therefore, transshipment of plants every year should be dealt with only in the early stages of her life. Adult flower changes «place of residence» at least 1 time in 3 years.

During the transplant can be propagated strelitzia division into parts, which are the side shoots. The plant is also propagated through the same side shoots or seeds.

Pests and fight with them

Strelitzia is not only undemanding plant. It is resistant to any kind of


pests. But rooting the flower room in the home can.

To prevent this, you need to provide the plant with proper care, soaking watering, lighting, temperature.

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