Strawberry varieties for Siberia

Strawberry varieties for Siberia

Gardeners who live in cold regions of the country, it is necessary to choose a special strawberry varieties for Siberia, is able to survive the cold winter, grow leaves after winter and give good yields.

Strawberries also need to have good taste, be resistant to diseases and injuries insect pests.

Brief descriptions of several strawberry varieties suitable for cultivation in areas of cold climate:

  • Torpedo – has good winter hardiness, it is delicious and fragrant. Dark red berries elongated, oval or slightly conical. The fruits of the harvest the first harvest is very large – up to 10 g. the Flesh is dense, which gives the possibility to transport the strawberries, without prejudice to its marketable qualities. The variety does not suffer from Botrytis, has an average capacity to form a mustache.
  • Borovitskaya is a high yielding winter hardy variety. The bushes are large, densely leafy, disease resistant. Dense dark red fruits are a blunt conical shape and taste good. The density of the berries makes them suitable for canning and freezing.
  • Alexandrina, Marshmallows and the first Grader – high-yielding strawberry varieties for Siberia, are early maturing. They are well resistant to winter frost, resistant to fungal diseases, drought-resistant. High quality taste. The latter variety has the largest fruit, which have the form of two conjoined berries.


  • Grade the Amulet is not remontant strawberry, has medium early maturity. Berries strong, dark red, large, conical, very sweet and fragrant. The variety is suitable for freezing and cooking compotes. The yield is high. The fruits of the density well withstand transport without loss of quality. This strawberry forms a little mustache, has good winter hardiness and is little affected by diseases.
  • Good winter hardiness, early maturity and resistance to drought has sort of Kama, sometimes called the Black Prince. So it is often called due to the dark color of the berries. Shrubs powerful, dense and form a few strong whiskers. The yield is high. The berries are large in size, diamond shaped with a dense and juicy core. The sour-sweet taste. This strawberry can be affected spot to combat that use chemicals.
  • The variety Omsk early especially created for Siberian growers. It is frost resistant, high yielding and fast ripening. Topologicheskie the berries have a pleasant aroma and sour-sweet taste. Shrubs of medium size, leafy. Fungal diseases rarely affected.
  • The bushes remontant strawberries darenkov have erect leaves and stems. This variety of strawberry for Strawberry varieties for Siberia

    Siberia refers to the early. Dark red fruits are large, blunt conical in shape, with a beautiful taste and aroma. Berry flesh is firm, which makes the crop suitable for transportation. This strawberry is not afraid of frosty winters, but with a small amount of snow it should cover. Darenkov resistant to infection by the tick and does not suffer from fungal diseases.


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