Strawberry (garden strawberry) on the dacha

strawberry (garden strawberry)

First you need to choose the right site for planting strawberry (strawberry).

It should be smooth, well-protected Sunny place with very loose soil that is well ventilated.

If the soil in your wetland area, before you put that kind of culture, you must do the round beds guide grooves to drain excess water and to fill up the ground.

Strawberry tolerates any soil, but prefers loamy soils. To clay and sandy areas to raise good crops, suggest before planting to add humus and compost.

Just before landing, the ground should be well dug to the size of the bayonet shovels to remove the roots of weeds mnogolet (especially wheat grass).

Evenly to make fertilizers and mix well to loosen, level and mark location of holes.

For the best growth of plants it is possible to bury the remains of the young weeds without roots. After a week the soil is ready for planting.

Then it is desirable to cover a bed multimaterial, put it in a well-aligned and wet surface.

Soil mulching increases the yield up to thirty percent, forcing the strawberries to ripen faster, for a whole week, as well as retaining soil moisture, helps to avoid the risk of Botrytis berries.

The edges of the material usually sprinkle the ground or fastened with staples. And then make a hole in it for the bushes.

The sooner you leave, the plants, the better it will root and the more of the next harvest.

Therefore, to plant the strawberries I advise you to start from late July, when the month is not very hot and finish until the beginning of September.

It is best for planting suitable cloudy and even rainy days. If you are not sure about the «health» of planting material, conduct heat treatment it soak in a basin of hot water (+46) 2-3 Bush for 12-16 minutes, then put in cold water (+12+14).

This heat treatment is a good remedy against the strawberry mite, stem and strawberry nematodes.

Then suggest to make the cracks in the landing areas with a bayonet spade, gently pull them apart, pour the solution of the ash with water in the crevice and drop Bush.

The roots should be spread gently across the cleft, and then as carefully compress the ground around the buds with the buds and make a small, with a diameter of 15-20 cm very shallow hole.

During the flowering and growth of the ovaries can be twice treated with a solution of sulfate of zinc in a ratio of two grams per one bucket of water. This will increase the yield of beds by twenty percent.

Appear during the summer moustache and sockets to remove. This will contribute to more rapid growth of strawberries and increase yield in the following year.

To weed strawberry suggest after watering. The mulch protects the bushes from the weeds and diseases, and if you have no special multimaterial, it is possible to make it so: spread out under the bushes, straw, sawdust or dry grass.

As soon as strawberries uplotnaet, the old bushes need to be cut. And then to water, weed and loosen the soil bed to outlet to develop normally.

It is also necessary from time to time to spray the plants with preparations against pests and diseases.

To prevent flowers and ovaries from spring frosts, it is possible to use rainwater watering or irrigation, Obedinenie beds, cover the time freeze spanbonda.

And for the salvation of landings from the winter frost and rodents, well cover with pine and fir branches all the garden beds with the beginning of active plant growth in the spring must be removed.

In the case of strong frosts it is necessary to apply different methods of snow retention.

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