Stratification of the seeds at home


1. The principle stratifikacii2. Stratification in home usloviyah3. Stratification of large semyan4. Stratification of small semyan5. A number of recommendations

Stratification of the seeds at home

To ensure adequate seed germination, it is necessary to conduct seedbed preparation, calibration, decontamination, treatment is held in the scarification.

Among these procedures, there is another stratification of seeds when seed artificially change the terms of the dormant period.

The principle of stratification

This method of treating seeds, as stratification involves storing it in certain conditions — in some moist substrate (e.g., sand).

There the seeds are aged at least one month (the period depends on specific features of the plants). The temperature should be constant and within 0ºC.

This phase in the life of the seed is called an embryonic dream» and is an imitation of the natural conditions (as in self-seeding), however, in a shortened version. When stratified seeds fall in a warmer land, they seem to awaken from sleep and begin to actively grow.

If you do not carry out such operations seedbed preparation, most planted in soil, the seeds can not germinate – with enough favorable conditions, they will simply rot. But «the game» on the large temperature difference ensures good germination.

Stratification at home

This procedure is used not all relying on chance. But if you are not sure of the purity of seed, stratification of seeds is absolutely necessary is a great stimulant.

Special time and effort the procedure takes, so growers and gardeners should adopt this principle of treatment. Moreover, it can be done at home using the refrigerator.

But keep in mind that stratification is not exposed seeds in original packaging – they have already been pre-integrated training. Others, especially collected manually, it is better to stratify. In addition, for large seeds, there is a way for small – your.

Stratification of large seeds

Seeds pre-soaked in solution of potassium permanganate. The desired concentration can be determined by the color dark cherry. A soak time of about one hour. The seeds are then rinsed under running water.

Prepare a plastic tray, which sells meat products. He prepared and placed the seeds mixed with wet sand (to lay layers). This tray is mounted on the shelf of the fridge and leave there for a month.

Stratification of small seeds

Quite small to stratify the seeds in the sand is not real – they’re just lost. It is better to use another method on cotton pads. Them moistened with filtered water.

On one disc pour seeds, others cover them. Then this «sandwich» is neatly stowed in a bag «zip-Lok», the inner walls of which are treated with hydrogen peroxide.

Placing a packet of seeds under the freezer, don’t forget every 3 days to open it to run a little bit of air. This will prevent the seeds from rotting.

A number of recommendations

As you can see, stratification of seeds, the procedure is not complicated. But it has its own characteristics, which does not prevent to know.

  • Sometimes before stratification useful to moisturize the seeds by meltwater. It is possible to bring a little snow (only pure). Stratification of the seeds at home


  • To enhance the effect of the similarity of seeds will help the drugs related to the growth stimulants. They sprayed the seeds before you put it in the refrigerator.


  • You can also play on the difference of temperatures, soaking seeds overnight in the refrigerator, and at room temperature. This will help seed in the future to better adapt to the soil.

Spending a minimum of effort on training, you can be sure of a quality result in the future.

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