Stratification of seeds – special preparation for sowing

the box for the stratification of seeds

The seeds of some garden plants need special preparation before sowing, this process is called stratification.

The literal translation from Latin is «make layer».

Such training need seeds of pome and stone fruit plants (Apple, plum, cherry, apricot, etc.)

Stratification of the seeds allows to create perfect conditions for germination, hardening takes place, the stairs become more friendly.

Stratification of seeds

The process of stratification of seeds is in temporary premises of planting material in a wet and cold environment.

Methods special training much, but I will describe the most suitable for gardeners who is for everyone, even beginners. This can be done both at the cottage and at home.

To start prepare the required number of seeds, subject to various contingencies. For example, you want to grow three seedlings of plum, you need to prepare the material 4-5 times more.

As some die, the rest, you will choose the best three seedling. These figures are not taken from the ceiling, come with experience.

Because of all of those that survived, a few pieces will be curved, them for planting it is better not to use.

Place bones in water, those that float are discarded immediately, others 3 days let it sit in the water, replace the water every 8 hours.

Then for disinfection of seeds, soak them for 15 -20min. 0.5% solution of potassium permanganate. Then rinse the plant material in running water.

Now begins the main stratification of the seeds. In the prepared box is filled with a layer of sand approximately 5 cm is placed on top of prepared seeds, which are also backfilled with sand in the same layer.

From the edges of the walls, too, should be a distance of 5cm. If all the plant material in a single layer and doesn’t fit, you can do multiple layers as will fit the height of the box.

The sand should be moist. After laying on top of capacity close lid and put in cold storage with temperature 1 — 4º.

For this purpose, good cellar. From time to time it is necessary to open the box, if necessary, moisten the sand and monitor the temperature.

seeds after stratification

After stratification, seeds can be planted in the garden or in a special place (the nursery).

By this time you should see the sprouts, very bad, if they are very large and will get confused between them when their separation can break.

So before you plant the seeds for stratification to calculate this period.

For example, if you expect to land plum in the middle of may, then plant the seeds for stratification should be in mid-December.

All plants have a period of stratification is different, the calculation for each individual culture do.

130-150 plum; Quince 80-90; 120-150 Apricot; cherry 150-160; Felted cherry 100-120; 90-120 Schizandra; Plum 150-160; Apple 120-130dney.

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