Storing onions

storing onions

If you have a long — storage onions, you need to plan well in advance.

We must begin with the selection of varieties, it needs to be maturation.

Also on the long-term conservation of the harvest of this plant is affected by biochemical features.

The fact that in the winter in the bulbs is internal development, with slow action of life.

These processes consumed plastic substances, so decline is inevitable. Onions during storage loses 6-7% of the initial weight. To try to minimize losses, you need to create for the bulbs optimal conditions.

The best varieties for long term use, with a high content of essential oils and sugars. In such varieties of onion are acute mnogozachatkovye, but the Peninsula and malacataya stored worse.

With a good level of agricultural technology and less contamination of the plants a chance to grow onions with high keeping quality is greatly increased. To do this during the growing season it is important to balance the plant nutrition.

For example, when an excess of nitrogen and a large water saturation culture reaches a large size, but the development and maturation occurs much worse. Such a bow during long-term storage faster shrinking and rotting.

But potassium and phosphorus, on the contrary, contribute to a more rapid maturation of plants. A particularly important factor for onions, is humidity, if at the stage of maturation it is not water, this will positively affect the shelf life.

Signs of a good onion for storage are: the density and hardness of the bulbs, durable dry scales, thin neck. Cleaning plants need to be completed on time, during the lodging leaves about 50% of the crop.

Wait for the full lodging of the leaves of the whole crop should not be, especially in areas with unpredictable weather. To carry out the harvest in a dry weather.

When collecting, it is important not to cause mechanical damage to the bulbs, it will reduce the quality and reduce the shelf life.

Before placing onions in storage, it is necessary to go through and cull immature onions with mechanical injuries, signs of disease etc.

To prevent the development of fungal diseases of bulbs, you can sprinkle crushed chalk from the calculation 150g to 10kg. It is necessary to store in a dry place.

Harvest onions are laid on racks or in boxes with a layer of no more than 25-30cm. While the temperature may be from 0 º to 20 º C and a relative humidity of 60-70%.

But the best place for onions, refrigerator. Temperatures from 0º to +4C. Periodically you need to go through.

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