Storage rutabagas

Storage rutabagas

Straight rows are the drooping leaves of rutabagas and other vegetables in the garden.

From under them look powerful root vegetables ready for harvest.

And tighten it is not.

Even a small fall frosts have a negative impact on the quality of winter storage rutabagas.

Not to waste precious time and to begin to harvest.

Its start depends on the timing of planting. Rutabagas are planted in early spring, in mid-August fully ready for harvest.

And if forage varieties are planted on large areas subject to mechanical cleaning, in its own small plot everything must be done manually.

That’s good, because careful handling during the excavation gives the opportunity to better preserve the roots in existing cool room. Cut the stems short, leaving the petioles length of 3 cm.

Its spread in Russia, the turnips from the beginning the middle and Northern latitudes, where very popular. An interesting fact is obtaining rich harvests for the first time mastered areas after logging with a high content of ash in the soil.


From the poor food she quickly moved into the menu of aristocrats and rich people. And if in England, rutabagas were cultivated since 1790, the ancient Romans and Greeks admired the flavor and curative qualities of this vegetable has for several centuries before our era.

Storage rutabagas

The desire to use it in food the winter time when there is a vitamin deficiency, it requires the optimal conditions of its storage until the spring.

Root vegetables, rutabagas contain carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and a large amount of vitamin C.

Elementary methods of crop preservation were made of stone and wood cellars, vaults, special storage piles and trenches.

On disinfected sulfur dioxide or formalin shelves for storage, created a temperature slightly above 0° and the humidity about 85%.

Contained in their roots cleaned of dirt, but not the time, with neatly cut leaves. During the laying of the turnip in trenches or piles, the important point is to provide the necessary ventilation.

In dry conditions with 10 t°C, it can also be stored for some time. This is especially important if you have small child, the lure of which without allergic consequences can begin with dishes made from rutabagas.

Currently, with a well-equipped cellars has become more difficult. Easier storage rutabagas is a method of freezing.

And if you don’t want to buy in the store multi-colored packages of frozen

Storage rutabagas

vegetables, it will fit perfectly and own freezer.

Packages with pumpkin and zucchini, mushrooms and berries will be a place for rutabagas.

Importantly, diced freeze in a special tray. It they do not face each other in the future, laid out in separate packages in small portions, and very user-friendly.

During the winter it remains only to choose a recipe and enjoy a tasty and healthy dish made from turnip.

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