Storage of vegetables and potatoes

storage of potatoes

At home potatoes and vegetables store in a well-ventilated basements, cellars or pits.

Before putting it in winter storage of potatoes , the room should be prepared. The walls and ceiling whitewash spiegasti lime.

To clear out from last year’s residues. For greater prevention can fumigate the room kamkov sulfur, which ignited in a metal container and tightly cover the door.

But it can be done only in those areas that do not come into direct contact with residential buildings. Through the night air premises.

The optimum temperature for most types of vegetables and potatoes is +2- +3 S. important when long term storage is humidity, which should not be too dry, so that the vegetables do not lose weight and not wrinkled, but not too wet prior to dew formation on them.

Therefore, I advise you to stock up thermometer to measure humidity, too.The potatoes will be stored better if it was cleaned in dry weather, ventilated, and Sipan right in the basement.

However, don’t forget to shake every tuber from the ground, but do not rinse it. If you’ve been harvesting in the rain, the tubers are advised to first be dried under a canopy so that they did not get the sun.


If dry and ventilate the potatoes in the sun, it accumulates toxic solanine and tubers green. There are other dangers and pests lurk in the storage of potatoes, potato moth of responses can be found by clicking the link.Before a bookmark on storage, all tubers should be well explore,

storage of potatoes

choose the ones that are infested by insects, small, chapped, ill. They are not suitable for storage.

Store potatoes in bins with slatted floors at a height of not less than twenty inches. In the first week, the storage temperature should be in the store from 10 to 14 degrees Celsius.

But starting from the second week, the temperature should be from 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. If the nights are cold, then at night I advise you to open the ventilation shaft, window or door of the vault.

But if the weather is warm, in the morning all that needs to be closed. In winter, the bulkhead potatoes are not desirable.If you store potatoes in pits or clamps, do they need to be at the high part of the garden or vegetable garden.

The top layer of potatoes with the filling needs to be at the level of soil freezing. On top of the roots poured rye or wheat straw and cover the ground with a small tubercle.

In such conditions, the potatoes can be stored without ventilation. To make Burt leveled area, dig the recess to twenty centimeters. In the middle of the deepening of the put, three poles, which are tied with straw for ventilation.

Potatoes poured a slide and covered with a layer of straw up to half, and then pour about five centimeters of the earth. With increasing the cold shoulder sprinkle the ground up to thirty inches.

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