Storage of cabbage, roots, onions and garlic

storage of cabbage

Cabbage winter varieties need to remove very carefully, avoiding blows to the head and the violation of its integrity.

Before laying cabbage heads in storage is inspected for presence of pests and diseased leaves and leave the stalk up to ten centimeters.

The optimum temperature for storage of cabbage from one degree of cold to two of heat.

Humidity from 90% to 95%. For longer term storage of cabbage, it is desirable to create air circulation in storage.

This will contribute to maintaining a constant temperature, humidity, and absorb carbon dioxide. The cabbage of different types it is better not to store, as the conditions and terms are different.

For example, cauliflower, rarely persists for more than 2 months. Of course, it is possible to create favorable conditions for its development, but it is better to freeze, from its taste does not change.

The same applies to broccoli. In the basement or the cellar, the heads of the headed cabbages must be expanded on the shelves or hung on poles or hooks. So they do not touch each other.

I always keep cabbage: when cleaning pull the cabbages by the roots and put them in the cellar in sand, sprinkled on the floor.


Cabbages stored for a long time if they do not remove the upper green leaves, which can provide protection. If the leaves are damaged or rotting they will be deleted.

The average shelf life of cabbage in compliance with all conditions 6 months.

Beets or radish is good to keep in bins or drawers, shaking off them after harvesting from

storage of cabbage

earth and slightly proverif.

Carrots, turnips, horseradish root better put on the bottom of your vault rows, keeping the small distance between them, and pour wet sand.

But you can store root crops in plastic bags that are not tied and left in an upright position.

The temperature in the storage roots must always be 1 to 2 degrees Celsius. Onions and garlic can also be stored at this temperature.

For long term storage you should choose the bulbs, the neck of which is quite dry. Prepared onions and garlic laid out in boxes in layer two onions and put them in the basement.

For home storage is well suited to their braids of onions and garlic with tails, mesh. Which is Packed potatoes and onions for sale, old nylon stockings or pantyhose.

Better to hang them in the closets or in closed insulated balconies, not forgetting from time to time to ventilate the room.

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