Stonecrop — home care


Stonecrop or Sedum is a genus of herbaceous plants, subshrubs, belonging to the family Crassulaceae.

This genus is very numerous and consists of about 600 species of plants.

Among them are the types which are successfully grown in the open ground, and also those that delight their owners while they are growing in pots on the window sills.

Stonecrop – undemanding plant and care for them is simple enough.

To preserve the decorative every 3-6 years to grow new plants, as sedusa characteristic of «growing up» to lose beauty.

Stonecrop in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Stonecrop is very light. When growing in the open ground should be given the sunniest area. If it’s a houseplant, it will thrive in the southern Windows. You can put it on East or West Windows.

But the placement on the North window is not recommended, because due to the lack of coverage of the Sedum at home lose decoration.


Sedum is not picky about the temperature. Some species can spend the winter outdoors, experiencing even severe frosts. Room types in winter, grow better at low temperatures to 9-12 degrees Celsius.


Watering is carried out as the drying of the soil. In the winter it is almost stopped, only occasionally needed soil moisture. In the garden stonecrop should be placed in a place where there is no water stagnation. This plant tolerate drought better than excessive moisture.


Garden stonecrop feeding is not required and on the contrary grows best on fresh soils. Room cleaning during spring and summer fertilize once a month 1. Great for these purposes suitable fertilizer for cacti.

Transplantation and propagation

For houseplants transplanting is carried out only if necessary. Pot they require not deep, but wide. The garden also not worth the extra time to transplant the plant.

Propagated very easily. The easiest way to implement it by cuttings. Cuttings are very well rooted in moist sand or peat.

During the transplant can be propagated Sedum, dividing his Bush. You can also propagate this plant via seed.

Pests and fight with them

Stonecrop - home care

To the delight of the owners of stonecrop are not often subject to pest attacks.

The most common and dangerous for Sedum pests – root knot nematodes.

To combat them, use the solutions of Lindane, Mercaptophos or Bi-58.

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