Stocks (Zvezdochet) — care at home

The Pile, Zvezdochet

The succulent family lactoflavin Stapelia grows in the South African deserts.

The plant is original exterior is very low maintenance.

From June until the autumn can delight with their blooms.

The stapelia flowers are quite large, have an unusual color and five-pointed star shape. Located in the base of fleshy grayish-green stem. The only drawback is the odor.

Growing stapelia

 Location and lighting

Place Zvezdochet under indoor cultivation is best on Windows facing the South side in a cool room.

In winter it is desirable to plant as much as possible lighting, in summer, on the contrary, should pritenyat.


In order for the succulents wintered well, you need to create the optimal temperature conditions. The winter temperature regime for Pile – 12-14 degrees.

Watering and humidity

Winter Zvezdochet needs to be dry content. At other times the glaze are recommended abundant, but not often.

In any case it is impossible to prevent waterlogging earthen coma, to avoid rotting. High humidity it does not need, so spraying is not necessary.


To feed the plant is usually not necessary. In rare cases, you can add a fertilizer for cacti and succulents.

Transplantation and propagation

Although the Pile and is characterized by a simplicity of maintenance, however, good drainage is vital for her.

If it is not possible to buy a special potting mix for succulents, you can mix clay and sod land, sand and humus in the ratio of 1-0,5-2.

It is advisable to use for growing Stapelia small dishes, as its root system is horizontal.

Requires timely cultivation. Unless you really need the plant to be transplanted should not be. To propagate can be slightly dried cuttings that rooted in the sand, and seeds.

Pests and fight with them

Succulents usually do not attract pests. But they are not immune from this scourge. You may lose root and stem mealy bugs, and should be combated by applying solutions of insecticides.

A much more serious problem for plants can be a rot, the appearance of which it is better to avoid.

To avoid destruction of the plants from rotting, you need to adhere strictly to irrigation mode and provide good lighting.

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