Stephanotis — care at home


From the coast of Africa (in particular Madagascar) on the window sills of our compatriots moved quite beautiful twine plant has the shape of a shrub.

Attracts Liana aromatic smell of white flowers.

It is thanks to the delicate petals received the plant Stephanotis (crown to ear) its name.

Indeed, the 5 small petals are gathered into a small crown, as if mounted on a longitudinal tube. And hanging this flower on a stalk, like an earring.

Stephanotis — care at home

 Location and lighting

Stephanotis – the plant is very demanding to light. It is from good lighting depends on a large number of flowers on the shrub.

But the sunlight needs to dissipate through, for example, blinds or thick curtains on the Windows.

Even in winter, the stephanotis in the home will delight with their blooms if light to extend the day with artificial lighting.

That is why it is not recommended to put a plant on a window facing North. The best option is the East and the West (winter and can be on the South window to use).

But if the stephanotis will begin to butanedioate, it is impossible to move or rotate. And the growth of the plant should lend support to the vine is not settled.


In the period when the plant blossoms, in the room to maintain a constant temperature in the range 20 to 22° Celsius. In winter the temperature can be slightly lower (but not lower than +14°C).

Having to go home stephanotis should be avoided not only temperature differential but also to protect the plant from drafts that shrub didn’t get sick.

Watering stephanotis and humidity

As the plant is quite active in terms of flowering, it needs high humidity.

During the hot period of the year, Stephanotis have to be sprayed with warm water daily. In the winter, if the room is cool, irrigation should be discontinued.

Watering plant at home should as the drying of the soil in a flower pot. Better put in a tray of peat or expanded clay and moisten it. Trying not to drop the pot into the water.


Stephanotis grows well by itself, without requiring frequent replenishment. Fertilizers make the soil should be only to promote abundant flowering.

Thus it is better to use a fertilizer with potassium content. But nitrogen fertilizer should be avoided, they will affect the rapid growth of the vines, quenching the desire to bloom.

Transplantation and propagation

Stephanotis at home the first years of life need to be transplanted annually, until the beginning of budding. Not forgetting this in a new pot to put drainage of expanded clay.

More Mature plants can not touch for 3 years. And just to pour into the pot from time to time a fertile soil.

When you transplant a Stephanotis stems are shortened and trimmed cuttings are used for propagation.

For formation of the root system the cuttings are placed in sand heated (under glass). In order to stimulate a process in the irrigation water are adding a special hormone.

Pests and fight with them


The main pests Stephanotis – spider mites and aphids. But to see them immediately on the number of buds difficult.

Therefore, the plant must from time to time to arrange a warm shower. Sick plant is washed with an aqueous solution of soap, and then treated with insecticide.

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