Squashes for winter — recipes

Squash for the winter

Having mastered the simple techniques of growing squash during the summer season only to enjoy the elegant with comfortable bushes hidden among the leaves small scallops.

Right about now, they are best to eat, leaving the individual to further growth.

Delicate flavor reminiscent of mushrooms, zucchini, pumpkin and something else unknown allows you to prepare numerous daily meals.

It’s salads, pancakes, cereal, snacks, stuffed with vegetables flowers. In any form, this vegetable is rich in vitamins is a useful dietary product. They are useful in diseases of heart, liver, anemia, stress and stomach ulcers.

Any owner want to extend the pleasure of eating them until the next harvest. And then go to the numerous recipes for winter preparations of vegetables.

Squash for the winter

Beauty is in the banks must be fruits of different colors together with other vegetables and herbs. The fruit size should not be large.

They can easily fit through the neck of the selected container for marinating or salting. Seasoning in the form of green leaves, all the vegetables and squash should be washed very carefully, and then dried.

Jars and lids are sterilized necessarily. After the sterilization process, banks roll, flip, hide blanket and stand in this position to cool.

Recipes blanks, which are used more often than others

The pickled squash. The composition of the brine is composed of pepper. Salt, sugar, Bay leaf, water 500 ml Vegetable oil in the amount of 3 tablespoons. Vinegar 9% 50ml 3-liter jar, 4 cloves of garlic.

Salt the squash. On the bottom of the jar putting greens. In cold water, dissolve salt, sugar, spices. To pack small fruit and pour the brine. To set the load and keep 4 days in a warm room before the start of active fermentation. Then transfer to a cool place.

Squash in tomato sauce. Slices with a thickness of 1 cm should be fried in vegetable oil, carrots and onions in another pan. Tomatoes chopped and folded into a deep saucepan and bring to a boil.

Folded layers in a jar and pour the hot tomato solution. Sterilize 20 minutes. 3 kg of zucchini have to take 3 kg of tomatoes, 5 carrots, 3

Squash for the winter

onions, parsley. Dill, celery, salt, sugar to taste.

Squash spicy Korean. Greens, seasoning for Korean carrot, 1 Cup of vegetable oil. 1 Cup vinegar, 2 tbsp salt, 5 cloves of garlic. Bell pepper 5 pieces, 1 kg of carrots, 3 kg of squash.

Cut into long strips, like carrots, put them into jars, pour the hot solution, close the lid.

Salads meats for the winter prepared with any vegetables. In the same way as the fillet or caviar. You can use any recipe for zucchini, pumpkins.

Modern freezers allow you to store the squash until the next harvest in frozen form. And so easy to do when behind a window a Blizzard and snowstorm, and the kitchen is extremely familiar scent, grown squash.

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