Squash — description and cultivation


Squashes have a noticeable contrast to other cucurbits crops, as a rule, they have a compact Bush form.

Fruit discoid, flattened, usually with a scalloped edge.

Varieties have different color white, yellow, cream, orange, and even green. Flowers and leaves are smaller than the pumpkin and zucchini.

The main stalk is short. Vegetable thermophilic yield below the pumpkin, easy pumpkin perepeleetsa other, forming hybrids.

Squash likes fertile, well-lit and sheltered areas with neutral soil reaction and humidity 70-75%.

For normal growth and development of vegetable, the ambient temperature should be between 23-25°C, before flowering, and about 20°C during fruit formation. The plant is responsive to organic fertilizer and abundant watering with warm water.

Subject to rotation of crops, the productivity is high, especially after the potatoes, onions, cabbage. At the same place for 4 years land is not recommended. After the pumpkin plants, growing squash is not desirable.

Squash is rich in b vitamins, potassium salts, contain pectin. The fruits are useful in anemia, obesity, hypertension, atherosclerosis, of course, in adequate doses.

The cultivation of squash

The soil under the cultivation of squash prepared in the fall, dug up and contribute organic based 4 kg on 1 sq. m. In acidic soil, add 1-1. 5 cups of wood ash, also on 1 m in the Spring after the snow melts on the land for sowing evenly dispersed nitrophosphate, 50g/m2.

In some regions, the squash is better to grow seedlings in greenhouses or greenhouses. On the windowsill the seedlings better not contain, it stretches and grows weak.

Plant squash after the establishment of warm weather in early June. The distance between plants should be at least 60cm. Usually use the scheme of planting 50x60cm. in a checkerboard pattern.

When the seedling method of soil mulching and shallow loosened periodically. When sowing seeds care is the same, but after emergence. Do not forget about regular watering.

In the phase of buds, you can fertilize with ash, diluted in water 150 g/10l. adding 10-12g of urea.

Squash - description and cultivation

The second time it is desirable to perform feeding of mullein in the ratio of 1:8 during flowering, gently at the root.

If fertilizer is fall on the leaves, they should be rinsed with water to avoid burns.

With a very active plant growth need prischipnut growth point, this allows you to direct nutrients to the fruit, increase yields and bring the collection period. To the fruit were stored longer, they were cut from the stem.

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