Spring work on country garden and the garden

spring work at the cottage, the garden, garden

With the arrival of long-awaited spring wakes up from hibernation and a large army of gardeners.

Though in some places there is still the last snow, it may not hurt to start the spring work in the garden and the vegetable garden, because you need to clean, prepare the soil for planting, tidy trees and shrubs. Now lay the success of the next harvest.

Spring work in the garden and in the country starting with cleaning. Dry last year’s leaves, weeds, broken branches collect in one pile, but not in a hurry to burn the garbage, it is possible to make a warm garden bed or compost pile. Of which in the end will make a fine humus.

At the initial stage chop the grass, small twigs and place a layer no more than 20cm, tamp, pour and sprinkle liberally with a layer of soil with thickness of 2-3cm.

If this material you have a lot, (this may include sawdust, small paper and food products), it is better to make a warm bed.

Better to place it inside a wooden pre-treating the walls of an antifungal drug.

A warm bed should consist of 5-6 layers. The top layer of soil 5-6cm Cover the bed with black material to it warmed in the sun.

From time to time spend watering the garden, within 2 months it will be possible to conduct sowing.

The soil should be loose and weeds at least next holiday season with this warm patch you can take and add humus in the holes for planting potatoes.

Thus, the order of the plot is fallen, and make the bed.

When you move about in the garden, spring pruning is carried out trees and shrubs for the formation of crown and removal of dead, infected and unwanted branches.

All collected branches need to be sawed and burned in an old iron barrel, to receive the ashes. Don’t forget places drunk to gloss over the garden pitch.

As we know, wooden ash contains a large amount of useful minerals for plants and is widely used for fertilizing vegetable crops.

It is very important to crop before the growing season of plants at the same time carried out the removal of old bark on the trees and their whitewash.

Also, the spring works in the garden include formative pruning of perennials that wintered at the site is: hardy verbena, rose, penstemon and so on.

After this procedure, a lot of attention they don’t need.

This spring aktiviziruyutsya rodents and can cause great damage to the crown. To protect you can arrange repellent agents, based on the solution of the tar (2, p.l to 10l. of water), or poison for mice.

You can hang bird feeders with cereals and sunflower. They will help you fight appear after wintering pests.

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