Spirea planting and care

planting Spirea

This plant can be considered aboriginal Russian as often found in steppes and forests of our country, and is called Meadowsweet.

Encyclopedic, his name is Spiro (which means flexible).

To come across the mention of this plant in the epic of the 15th century about the glorious guslar Sadko.

In the dictionary Dahl Meadowsweet is mentioned as a raw material for the manufacture of whips and ramrods – so strong and flexible rod Bush.

But growers Spiraea valued primarily for the delicate beauty. Amazing and unusual shades of the blossoms make this culture, this decorative ornament to any landscape. But not enough to plant this shrub – you need to exercise and care for a Spiraea.

Planting Spirea

Meadowsweet is so unusual in its beauty, planted plant a single Bush already brings to the area a special charm.

But most often planting Spirea is used for the decoration of rockeries, or as a hedge to guard the territory.

Among the varieties of Meadowsweet there are shrubs with different flowering periods. This should be considered in planting the Spirea on the site.

  • Varieties that bloom in the summer, planted in open ground only in the spring. And it should be done until the moment has not yet blossomed leaves.
  • But autumn planting varieties that bloom in the spring, and those that start to smell in late summer. At the same time and Meadowsweet transplant to a new location, producing the division of adult bushes. Planting Spirea in a given period of time is until the beginning of November.

The entire root system must be grown, but fresh, healthy and not over-dried. If the roots have time to dry out by the time planting in the ground, the tree needs to take in water and then planted in the ground.

Features landing

If planting Spirea will be correct on the site very soon appears a nice, cozy area to relax. Note some features.

  • In advance, prepare the soil, choosing a Sunny site. The land must be turf or leaf with the addition of peat and sand.
  • We should not forget about the drain, strewn the bottom of the pit broken bricks.
  • In the depth of the hole should be dig not less than half a meter. Planting it the Spiraea, root collar place on a flat surface.
  • The width of the planting hole should be wider than the trunk, about a third of its volume.

Despite the fact that Spirea prefers sun, planting it should be still on a cloudy day or in the rainy season.

Care of Spirea

Start caring for Spirea immediately after planting, multirows the ground around the Bush with peat layer up to 7 cm and, of course, in the first few weeks until the Bush is rooted, water it every day.

  • In General the plant is very poorly tolerate dry soil, because roots don’t grow deep. When watering do not spare the water, using one set of 1.5 buckets of liquid every 2 weeks, and in particularly dry days and more.
  • Binding loosening the soil and weeding. planting Spirea
  • Feed Meadowsweet need in the middle of summer mullein in combination with superphosphate. And after trimming the Bush, be sure to make a comprehensive fertilizer.

If you regularly take care of Spirea and do it with love, the plant will gratefully answer a lush flowering, pleasing and lifting your mood.

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