Spiraea — a description of the types


English is indeed the universal plant, because even small area you can place a collection of various types of different varieties of this marvelous shrub.

Fresh greens of young leaves and the taste is fragrant and colorful flowers will delight You from spring to autumn.

Spiraea undemanding plant, so it can grow in many regions of Russia.

This shrub is perfect for decorating not only the suburban area, but also domestic territory of a city apartment.

He quickly restored the damage, is easily propagated, endures the difficult environmental conditions.

Pruning bushes of spirea is the most important event in the care of the plant, this allows you to keep it a decorative quality. In addition, the spirea light, in the shade or a large density of flowering becomes sparse.

Resistant to excess moisture and drought, but it is better to carry out regular watering and cultivation of the soil.

Types of spirea

Most often growers Spiraea divided into two groups: spring-flowering and summer-flowering. This division AIDS in the creation of floral arrangements, from the point of view of design.

Spring-flowering spirea

The majority of tall plant to 2 metres in height and the same in diameter. The flowers are mostly white, bloom in late spring and early summer.

During flowering spirea, almost the entire flight covered buds. This chic a large number of colors adds a delicate touch to the spring garden. Flowers only appear on last year’s shoots.

After flowering, pruning is carried out old branches to prevent of density of the Bush. The tips of young shoots can freeze in the winter, to bring the spirea Bush to a neat and attractive appearance in early spring, it is recommended to conduct sanitary pruning of damaged branches.

Spring spirea are very good partners for many ornamental trees and shrubs. They combine perfectly with the bright representatives of bulbous flowers.

Summer-blooming spirea

These types of spirea are allocated from a large variety of large specimens, to very small. Their inflorescences have a different shape from osCommerce to corymbose, and shades of colors can be pink and white.

Unlike the spring-flowering species, buds on the summer-flowering appear on young shoots, so flowering

Spiraea - a description of the types

longer. Withered shoots for next year wither.

Low-growing spirea respond well to shaping, they are ideal for low-growing hedges.

Pruning can be carried out in late summer and early spring.

Summer-blooming spirea is usually used in group planting, for example, for decorating the fence, and the little is ideal for mixed borders.

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