Spider mite — control measures

spider mites

Spider mite – herbivores spiders «attack» of virtually all houseplants growing in warm dry air.

One of the most difficult-to-eradicate pests.

The body of the tick flattened, yellowish green with black specks on the sides.

Due to the microscopic size (0.5-0.6 mm) not visible to the naked eye.

At a large gathering, the plant is seen the RAID moving points.

Affects more than 200 species of plants, but especially likes geraniums, ferns, cyclamen, poistenie, gerbera.

Spider mites most often «settles» on the lower parts of the leaves, and when they are no longer enough for power supply — occupies the tops of the shoots.

The defeat of the plant pest is indicated by the appearance on the leaves bleached spots, which gradually grow to larger yellowish spots.

Over time, the spots turn brown and become red-brown. The name of the insect was due to the entangle of the affected parts of the plant white web. Mainly formed webs between the leaves and the stem.

In the later stages of defeat, the sheets deform (shrink the web), wither and fall off. Large colonies of pests can destroy a plant, sucked out of him all the cell SAP.

The life cycle of the tick for about 25 days, during which time the female lays up to 200 eggs. The maturation of the eggs for 3 days and «the way» to an adult takes just a week.

Eggs are well preserved not only on the plant or in the soil, but in pots, in window cracks and crevices. Best friends spider mites –dry air and high temperatures.

At +25°C and low humidity, the pest is most active breeds. Mite good moves, one sick plant can infect all the others in the room.

Therefore, at the first signs of damage to the plant need to be isolated. To get rid of insects is difficult, the struggle is not one week.

The best preventative tool regular spraying and UV «bath». The pest does not tolerate direct sunlight, so hiding under the leaves from the light of day.

Lighting the UV lamp for 1 — 2 minutes, once a week, will reduce the number of mites, and increase the resistance of plants to disease. Sick plant can be washed with warm water and neutral soap and place in a plastic bag for 1 — 2 hours.

To reduce the number of pests will help treatment of the affected parts of the plant 96% alcohol solution. Local anesthesia is sprayed on the plant with fine spray or wipe the cotton wool moistened.

However, not every plant will be able to reschedule. It is not advisable to process is omitted plants because of them for a long time the alcohol evaporates and may cause burns.

To test the reaction of plants to the alcohol can be pre-wiping and 1 — 2 leaf. Alcohol solution is ideal for processing window frames and potted plants.

To kill spider mites, you need to use acaricides – chemicals for pest control. It is necessary to choose drugs that kill both eggs and adults.

One of these – «Dimethoate». Should be used with extreme caution — because of the severe toxicity can cause burns on the leaves. Drug «Bifocal» effective against adult mites, and «Tetradifon» against eggs.

You can use «Was» and «Neuron». Ticks can easily get used to acaricides, so you need to change the drug used. And after the destruction of the pest, it is desirable to hold another preventive treatment.

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