Species and varieties of barberry

sortie the barberry

«Berberis vulgaris«is the most common type in our country.

In natural conditions it can be found throughout southern and Central Europe to the Volga and the North Caucasus.

Pretty and high spreading shrub up to 3 meters. On shoots there are large spines.

The leaves «. the usual» are beams, together with racemose inflorescences. Flowers fragrant bright yellow color. The fruits are edible. This kind of low maintenance and hardy.

«Barberry Ottawa» – shrub up to 2 metres in height, visually reminiscent of «barberry Thunberg», although larger than his.

All summer the leaves are dark pink-purple tint, and by the autumn become bright crimson in color and do not fall until late autumn.

Well tolerates frosts in Central Russia, even without shelter. Is growing quite rapidly, care is not demanding.

Species and varieties of barberry

«Barberry Amur«, is Widely spreading and high to 3 meters, at the same time, few branched shrub. The leaves are shiny bright green color, autumn, becoming Golden-red hue. The flowers are pale yellow, fragrant.


Fruit diameter up to 1 cm, edible, remain on the Bush until frost. Winter bravely, quite resistant to drought.

«Barberry Thunberg» — Low shrub to 1m in height, with horizontally directed shoots. The progenitor of many common


modern varieties ( ‘Admiration’, ‘Atropurpurea’, ‘Carmen’ Rose Glow’ ‘Golden Ring’ and others).

The leaves of the Bush back egg-shaped, small bright green above and gray below. In autumn the leaves turn a red hue. Flowers red outside, yellow inside. The fruit is not edible. Has good cold hardiness, not demanding in care.

Each of these types have different varieties of barberry, which is widely represented on the garden market. What diversity will not meet: with red, yellow, orange, purple, bright white and even cream-spotted leaves.

In the form of a Bush of barberry, you can also find the most suitable and appropriate plant: the plant is compact and dense – dwarf, spreading, penetrating branches – large. With horizontally and vertically directed shoots.

The use of barberry in the country are also a variety of free and trimmed hedges, mixed borders, rockeries, borders along garden paths. About culture there is a saying: «put and forget».

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