Spathiphyllum – care at home

Spathiphyllum – care at home

Most indoor plants need good lighting.

Because of this, the owners of badly lit rooms with Windows on the North it is very difficult to organize a flower garden on the windowsill.

But the Spathiphyllum can get here by way of it is unpretentious in care in the home and does not need abundant light.

Spathiphyllum – care at home


Spathiphyllum likes to «hide» in the shadows. Therefore, any area of the home or office this plant.

But from time to time it is necessary «to walk» in the sun (but not under its direct rays).

Otherwise, the color of the leaves fade, plus they can have a more oblong shape.

The air temperature

Room temperature is quite optimal for this flower. But if the room is stuffy, the Spathiphyllum can bloom (suitable for this temperature 18C). But cool air can cause the death of the plant.

Watering of Spathiphyllum

The Spathiphyllum necessary moisture, so do not forget about watering. Constantly need to monitor the condition of the soil – she’s not even a little dry. But waterlogged ground – the extra water from the pan immediately, it should be drained.

Humidity should be above average. If it is not possible to buy a humidifier, the plant should be sprayed every day with warm water pooled (same as for irrigation).


Feeding of Spathiphyllum in the home should be regular – this will ensure the normal development of the plant. During flowering fertilizers are applied 2 times per month (with equal intervals).

The rest of the feeding can be reduced by half. As an additional nutritional approach organic (eg bird droppings). From time to time you can use fertilizer for houseplants.

Transplantation and propagation of Spathiphyllum

Spathiphyllum is a flower that likes to change flower pots. Therefore, it is recommended to replant every spring, choosing a new container slightly wider than the previous one.

When transplanting plants should not forget the drainage, which shall not be less than 2 cm. as a layer between the drainage and the ground you can lay a layer of sphagnum moss – it prevents rapid drying of the soil.

When adult flower, it can be divided into 2-3 parts, to propagate. If done carefully, the young Spathiphyllum, transplanted into a new pot will bloom in the fall.

Pest control

Spathiphyllum – care at home

This flower visit customary for indoor plants pests, but the most annoying spider mites.

Parasites can be washed off under the shower from time to time it is necessary to arrange the Spathiphyllum.

If that doesn’t help, then you have to treat the plant with insecticides.

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