Sparmaniya — care at home


Sparmaniya African (Linden room) – evergreen shrub, grown indoors, belongs to the family Tiliaceae (Linden).

Homeland room limes are tropical rainforests of South Africa.

Sparmaniya grows very beautiful shrub that is covered with decorative foliage and can have a height of 4-6 meters.

Blooms profusely in January and February are very beautiful white flowers. The plant is not suited for novice gardeners, as care is quite complex.

Sparmaniya — care at home

 Location and lighting

This shrub is necessary to ensure year-round good lighting. It is only to protect spermania in the home from the hot midday rays of the sun.


Winter sparrmanii provide content at 6-12 degrees Celsius and in the summer at 18-22 degrees. Air plant likes fresh, so provide adequate ventilation, but it carefully protected from draughts.

Sparrmanii watering and humidity

As the plant has numerous large leaves, through which quite quickly evaporate the moisture, it should be watered often enough, and in the summer, perhaps on a daily basis.

In winter, watering is reduced a little, but the substrate should always be slightly damp. Moisture is needed to plant high, but spray it carefully, making sure not to stagnate water on the luxurious sheets.


For feeding sparrmanii at home fit only liquid fertilizers that are made every 2 weeks starting in April and ending in September.

To form the crown of the Bush with the young sparmannia pinch out the tip, and the adult plants carry out pruning after flowering.

Sparrmanii transplantation and reproduction

To 3 years the plant required annual transplant twice a year – in March and in the beginning of June. The plants are then transplanted in a year in the spring.

The mixture for planting sparrmanii prepared from humus, sand, peat, turf and deciduous earth, taken in equal proportions.

For breeding in March cut the cuttings from the young shoots, treated with slice stimulator of rooting and planted in a mixture of sand with peat.

Placed for rooting in partial shade and kept at a temperature of 16 degrees. Rooting will be faster, if the container with the planted cuttings cover with glass or plastic.

Once you see signs of growth in seedlings planted in small pots. First months sparmannia at home is growing very rapidly and requires frequent stops. Caring for the young» is no different from caring for Mature plants.


Sparrmanii pests and fight with them

Can be the appearance of mealybug on the plant if not properly maintained.

Pests removed with a brush, previously dipped in alcohol.

If scale insects are a lot, then you need treatment systemic insecticide.

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