Sowing seeds for seedlings

sowing seeds for seedlings

At first glance, the novice gardener, sowing the seeds for seedlings is very simple, just throw the seed in the ground, water and wait for sprouting.

Experienced know that the moisture, soil, and time is not all of the conditions for the successful cultivation of seedlings.

Seeds of most vegetable plants, require special conditions of humidity and soil composition, ambient temperature, lighting, and so on.

And these are not empty words, if not compliance, fastidious seed of some crops and did not think to go.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

Temperature conditions germination may be optimal and in the range from minimum to maximum, if t is below or above the seed to germinate will not start.

Therefore, the sowing of seeds for seedlings is best done in optimal conditions of temperature. For crops of temperate latitudes, the temperature varies from +12 ºc to +25 ºc, for South +18 ° C to +35 º C.

Seeds of plants with a short vegetative period, usually cold-hardy and grow in regions with short summers, so they can arise already at +1 º C to +3 º C. High temperature above +15 ° C, can lead to complete stop of growth.

Also not unimportant factor in sowing the seeds for seedlings is oxygen. It is required by the plants for biochemical reactions in cells.

Dense soil reduces the flow of oxygen deep into the soil to the root system. Development of seedlings is much slower, and sometimes can lead to death.

Loosening the soil helps to enter oxygen, and at the same time destroys the formed crust on the surface. Excess moisture and stagnant water leads to the displacement of this crucial element.

The density of sowing of seeds for seedlings depends on their size. Large have a greater supply of nutrients, they can be sown in a separate container from 200ml. Small better to sow more often, the density of the sowing of many of them is 3-4 seed on

This is done with special substances – Colin. After sowing of seeds for seedlings, they start

sowing seeds for seedlings

to allocate Colina, create a favorable environment around the seed, thereby directly involved stimulation of growth of their neighbors.

In rare sowing, germination will be low and often will help the strongest to begin development.

Sowing the seeds for seedlings, the soil is preferably impregnated with solutions of the necessary micronutrients.

It is desirable to moisten the pallet, and excessive watering from the top you can lay a paper towel to absorb excess moisture. On top of the box covered with polyethylene.

The tape must periodically raise for ventilation. After germination it is removed.

As the drying of the soil to moisten it with a solution of «EPIN» (1 vial per 2 l of water).

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