Sorry watermelon

Skoda Kavun

Watermelon was known in Ancient Egypt and in Russia, it was first heard only in the XVI century, but until the XIX century this berry was hard enough to purchase.

For their properties, watermelon has a significant positive effect on the human body, but in turn, also has several negative qualities.

Try to consider some of them.

Sorry watermelon

 Can I eat watermelon at an early age?

When the weather is bad in the watermelon gets a large amount of harmful substances. When ingested nitrates on the intestine, they turn into harmful to the body, thus able to cause cancer.

It is not necessary to eat the watermelons that have long been stored, because the process of bacterial reproduction can take place in it.

Children up to 2 years is generally not recommended to give the watermelon. With only 3 years of age, you can enter a watermelon in food in small quantities, not more than 200 grams per day.


Harmful substances can adversely affect the health of the child who has problems with heart and respiratory tract.

Restrictions for use of watermelon in your food:

  • -for problems of the genitourinary system;
  • -when the intestinal problems;
  • -if there are kidney stones;

After you have eaten the watermelon is not to eat salty foods, as salt is suspending the release of fluid from the body, thereby causing swelling and a big load on the heart.

Eating watermelon during pregnancy and diabetes. If a woman has a tendency to edema, it is best at this time to limit eating watermelon. If diabetic insulin dependent, you should not indulge yourself this berry, to avoid complications.

Symptoms of poisoning with watermelon:

  • -after 2 hours may appear high temperature;
  • -can cause headache, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting;

The presence of microbes on the surface of the watermelon.As we all know, watermelon is ripening on the ground, then it transporterowych and keep on the street, thus during this time, the watermelon may shelter the microorganisms harmful to the human body.

If the transport is one of the watermelons crack, it will attract these vectors of infection like flies, which

Skoda Kavun

carry all sorts of harmful bacteria that cause serious intestinal infection.

Many sellers cut out a piece of watermelon, to reveal its ripeness and flavor, but the watermelon is not worth buying, because who knows where it was stored and what was used this knife and what kind of bugs were trying to eat flavorful bite.

Do not buy a watermelon on the road, it is better to visit a supermarket. Don’t forget to thoroughly wash the watermelon before serving. This will help you to get rid of excess dirt outside.

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