Soleyroliya — care at home


Soleyroliya or Helxine decorative ground cover houseplant, belongs to the family Urticaceae (Nettle).

In their natural habitat these plants grow on the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia.

There they prefer to live» along streams and in wet forests.

Helxine has a thin threadlike stems that grow quickly and form a carpet in large containers or bullets in small pots. Shoots are covered with small oval green leaves.

Soleyroliya — care at home

 Location and lighting

Soleyrolii should ensure that the penumbra of the spot. To embed pots will fit the window facing North.

You can not keep under direct sun and in full shade. Winter requires additional artificial lighting.


The optimum temperature for soleyrolii at home is 15 degrees. Can make a reduction to 5 degrees, but it ceases to grow. It is not recommended to contain the plant and when the temperature is above 20 degrees.

Watering soleirolii

As soleyroliya in a wild kind grows in moist places, it must fairly be watered abundantly and regularly sprayed in the summer.

With the advent of cold weather, reduce watering to not rot the roots. But and drying of the soil should not be allowed.


Feed soleirolia at home starts in early March every 2 weeks. Continue to feed until September. Fertilizer you need to buy a complex that’s meant for decorative-deciduous plants.

Transplantation and propagation

For transplantation soleyrolii to stock up on a wide and shallow bowls and containers. This process is carried out annually with the arrival of spring.

For the preparation of the soil used, taken in equal parts sand, clay and sod land. It should be fairly loose. Required drainage.

An important feature is that the substrate is not compacted, it needs to remain loose to freely enter the air.

To propagate soleirolia enough at the time of transplant split Bush. After planting a new plant 2 days watered and kept at a cooler



You can get a new plant using cuttings. To do this, cut off the sprouts and planted them. For rooting you need to keep in fairly warm conditions.

Soleyrolii pests and fight with them

This plant is not susceptible of damage by diseases and pests, if you provide proper care.

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