Soil preparation for planting in the garden

soil preparation for sowing

Soil preparation for planting starts in the fall.

Dug up the whole garden, and at the same time remove the roots of weeds and plants.

Soil digging is carried out to a depth of bayonet spade, after having scattered over the land are compost, manure or other organic fertilizers.

Soil preparation for planting in the autumn, has the advantage over spring in that it creates favorable conditions for the decomposition of added organics.

In such land a well-stored rainfall, and as a result of freezing of the earth die of pests overwintering in the soil.

In spring through soil compaction, it is necessary to dig again. When preparing the soil for planting in the spring, deep digging is not required.

After the initial preparation of the garden, carry out the separation of land on the ridge.

Many gardeners are increasingly to prepare the soil for planting is used instead of the usual shovels, garden machinery, cultivators.

To prevent evaporation of moisture from the surface of the earth, prepared the soil after planting vegetable crops, cover of organic material. This is called mulching.

For this purpose, the remains of plants, leaves or a special film. When mulching the paths between the beds, slow down the growth of weeds.

Also soil preparation for planting is the periodic addition of fertilizer, so necessary for the garden plants.

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