Soil for indoor plants

soil for indoor plants

For decorative indoor plants suitable different garden soil, most of which you can take on your favorite country.

It is also possible to prepare mixtures of humus, sod, peat, leaf soil and sand.

If it is not possible to prepare the soil yourself, then you can buy a mix at a specialty store.

Sod land is harvested on the meadows. Cut layers of turf with a thickness of about 8 cm, and the length and thickness of formations of all sizes. The layers stack in the stack of grass down and height up to 1.5 meters.

During the summer, the stack of poured slurry, and in the fall the layers of cut and dug up. Turf ground for indoor plants suitable for use.

Humus the earth, you can dial in greenhouses and greenhouses. The greenhouse soil is very nutritious, but with one drawback, it’s full of weed seeds, and they are a nuisance to gardeners when they begin to germinate.

The ground sheet is harvested from the fallen leaves from fruit trees of suburban gardens. The leaves of coniferous trees oak is better not to use.

For the manufacture of ground sheets needed to endure two years under cover in a well ventilated place and stir occasionally.

Soil for indoor decorative colors with the addition of leaf turns light and airy.

Peat land plants are harvested on lowland peatlands. It, like other lands needed to endure 2 years then you can apply for growing flower crops.

It is also possible for the cultivation of domestic crops to use ordinary garden soil, mixed with store-bought earth.

If you don’t have a country site, and use of purchased mixes, do not miss the opportunity when outdoors to collect fallen leaves of maple, Linden, elm, ash, cut a bit of turf, and the bog to collect turf.

All of the soil mixture for the plants you want to add sand, it makes the soil loose and enhances breathability that is so important for the root system of flowers.

Sand need to use a coarse-grained, quartz and clean. Washed sand for as long as the water stays clean.

Buying soil mix in the store, pay attention to what kinds of ornamental plants it is suitable which you must take action before using it.

Land for planting of flowers should be fresh and slightly moist. When compressed in a fist, it should crumble and not be formed into a coma.

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