Soil fertilizer in the fall

Dobrevo the ground vosene

In the process of growing vegetable and fruit crops plants several times a season fed.

But that did not stop them to «pull the juice» out of the ground, gradually depleting it.

And whatever fertile soil in the area, but the final stage before winter should be taking care of additional power of the earth.

Than to fertilize the soil in the fall

Soil application of fertilizers in autumn combine with other work – digging the ground. Prepared top dressing evenly distributed over the area and then cultivate the land, buried the shovel 20 cm.

So what types of fertilizers for soil are often used in the fall?

More organic matter available to gardeners and vegetable growers despite its origins is a waste products of plants and animals (manure, poultry litter, peat, bone meal, shavings, manure, green manure).

Most of organic fertilizer in the fall just throw on top of the soil. But sometimes the cooking liquid ingredients: infused water (depending on the selected fertilizer and proportion) for 1 week or more in a closed container.

The fermented solution is again diluted (in a bucket of water a half-liter bottle of infusion) and watering their trees and shrubs, as well as bring in prepared beds for next year.

Fertilizers are chemical drugs. The names they are given, depending on what the current element prevails (potash, phosphate and nitrogen). If there are several, the fertilizer has already referred to the complex.

The selection of mineral fertilizer to soil is determined by a purpose: alkalization, acidification, etc. many drugs with a broad spectrum of action.

In autumn, for feeding soil choose phosphate and potash fertilizers. But nitrogen is better to leave in the spring (except lamida of calcium, which is very toxic to fresh landings).

To make the fall into the soil chemicals in dry form and in dissolved (each with its own proportion).

Fertilization in fall is important

Any drug to fertilize the soil in autumn can be not only useful, but in certain circumstances and can harm. To avoid this, you should consider some points:

Mixture based on peat have too high acidity. Therefore, without pre-liming them

Dobrevo the ground vosene

can not be used (except lowland peat).

When selecting a mineral fertilizer for the soil in the fall to consider the original acidity of the soil, as well as the preferences of the planted plants in the spring.

If for some reason you have not considered this, you still have a chance to neutralize the effect of the drug.

In any case, do not mix calcium nitrate and superphosphate – the result of a chemical reactions are harmful compounds (for plants).

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