Smitianta — care at home


Among the mountains of South and Central America can meet a herbaceous plant, flowering all summer long red-orange bells.

This sight is so beautiful that growers have created hybrids for processing data of flowers dwellings and offices.

Smitianta, at home under the careful care of it, its decorative will create a cosiness in the spring and summer. But in winter, the plant completely resets the stems, leaving only viable rhizomes.

Smitianta — care at home

 Location and lighting

This houseplant with good growth able to «give» shoots up to a height of 60-80 cm Therefore, placing smitianta in flower pots, vases or pots, it is necessary to provide sufficient space for development.

Place this plant needs closer to the source of natural lighting. But it is desirable that the rays of the sun dissipated.

Smitianta otherwise the leaves may burn. In winter, when the upper part of the plant dies, the flower pot with roots it is better to set aside in a shaded area.


As with any houseplant, smitianta gives off heat. The optimal mode at home for the flower during the growing season and growth is +24-26°C.

And even in winter, when the roots of the plants are resting, you need to protect it from hypothermia. In the room where you will store the flower pot, the temperature should not fall below 20° Celsius.

Smitianta watering and humidity

Humidity is of great importance for smitianta at home. Because of the lack of moisture the plant can get sick.

So in the summer you should regularly water the air in the room where growing smitianta. But you need to avoid getting water on the leaves of potted flower, not to spoil their beauty. Water is also not so simple. The earth in the flowerpot should always be moderately moist.

But at the same time water will flow to the roots is only through the tray with expanded clay. Himself flower pot should not touch the water. In winter, watering is only necessary in order to not dry up the root system.

Fertilizer smitianta

The whole activity period (from the moment of occurrence of stems and until their death) smitianta needs regular feeding. To produce it every week to keep the plants blooming profusely.

The quality of food should be used to smitianta universal fertilizer, suitable for decorative indoor plants. Only the concentration of the solution will need to do 2 times weaker.

Smitianta transplantation and reproduction

Transplant roots smitianta at home spend annually, after a period of sleep. You can use store-bought substrate for the cultivation of violets.

During this period, you can also deal with the reproduction of plants, dividing the root into several parts so that each of them had at least one kidney.

Smitianta still propagated by tip cuttings and seeds (which, by the way, in the ground, do not bury).

Pests and fight with them

Smitianta annoying such pests as mealy bug and aphids. That’s just

Smitianta - care at home

to deal with them have delicately so as not to harm the plant.

On wash the leaves and stems of diseased flower is better to forget. You will have to work smitianta only insecticides.

To combat Botrytis and powdery mildew, apply fungicide, which is used in the treatment of vegetable crops.

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