Slug control in the garden

Slug control in the garden

This files most often encountered in gardens slugs mesh, gardening and tillage.

Regardless of the type, they all can cause enormous damage to crops.

Slug control in the garden should begin in the spring and forget about these pests, it is not necessary until autumn.

The first signs of their appearance is eaten leaves and traces of silvery mucus on them.

Sleeping garden pests at night and during the day they hide from the sun in a cool dark place. The most favorable rainy seasons.

In such years the number of slugs is greatly increased. One individual can lay about 500 eggs. And as food they are not picky, you very much can ruin and destroy the future harvest.

In the spring and early summer, slugs gnaw the stems of the seedlings, then as they Mature spoil strawberry fruit, root vegetables carrots, beets, potatoes, devouring them in the holes.

Slug control

Naked slugs delicate pests, if the path to the garden beds to create a barrier in the form of a rough surface, you very much will limit their access to orchard crops.

To combat the slugs on the edges of aisles, for example, you can put a strip of coarse sand with a thickness of 5cm, or crushed egg shell.

You can also catch slugs with traps. This evening on the path along the ridge lay moistened burlap, large burdock leaves or pieces of plywood.

In the morning, tired from a night of work, but well-fed slugs will be waiting for You under traps. Important preventive measures in the fight against slugs in the garden cleanliness.

If the area is cleared of plant residues and other debris that pests have nowhere to settle, and open Sunny and well-ventilated place they don’t like.

Besides in the pure garden of slugs is very difficult to find a place for wintering. Harder the fight against slugs is given to gardeners who have waterlogged area.

In this case, to reduce their population is possible, if you make good drainage and drain the area. And vegetable crops will feel better and slugs will be much less.

Naked slugs do not like lime, so it can be incorporated into the soil and dissipate on the surface, the main thing do not overdo it so as not to hurt the plants. For

slug control

started to determine the acidity of the soil.

According to the observations of many gardeners, slugs are not like the proximity of fragrant spices.

Planted around the perimeter parsley, sage, rosemary, cilantro and Basil can deter pests, and look for more favorable places to live.

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