Sinningia — care at home

Sinningia care

Incomparably beautiful blossoms, gathered in a bright crown is a sinningia.

But if you are a beginner gardener, do not try to immediately make themselves in the house of this magnificence.

The flower room in the home is so capricious that even the experienced don’t always get to talk to him.

If you have got the sinningia, care closely.

Sinningia – at home

The main condition for growing sinningia is the place of his residence.

Note that this plant does not tolerate drafts and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, facilities should adhere to a constant climate.

And where better to put flower pot, you should not choose a window seat. Moreover, direct sunlight can damage the plant.

But a large amount of light in the home, it is still necessary for good flower development.

Therefore, the best option is a high bedside table or the corner of the Cabinet where sunlight penetrates.

Sinningia – basket plant, it means that you can hang it a beautiful decorative planter.

Temperature and water regimes

The optimum temperature for the sinningia in the home is considered a plus 22-25 degrees. In the period of winter dormancy, it is recommended to be reduced to +180to plant effortlessly was able to form the buds for spring flowering.

With watering be careful – this plant does not like preobladanie. But dry soil does not come on. Moderate watering, as the drying ground is most optimal mode.

Spraying of sinningia in the home should occur daily. But in the summer it is performed twice a day, and in the winter ceases.

Water for spraying should be warm and soft enough necessarily to defend.

Sinningia – features care

You did not deprive of attention sinningia, care spend by all the rules, and he preferenced. What can be the reason?

1. You brought home a flowering plant, and at first all was well. But suddenly sinningia in the home began to drop leaves.

The reason is that you purchased the plant in the autumn, at the peak of the active flowering. But changed his place of residence imposed in shock. The situation can be corrected by periyarensis.

2. If sinningia resets the ovary, you completely violated his demands: placed near heating devices or mounted in the path of drafts. There is another reason: too dry or too frequent spraying.

3. Excessive watering can lead to leaf blackening and partial subsidence. Reason of this situation could be also lack of sunlight.

Sinningia care

4. After transplanting, the plant may feel not comfortable if you choose a pot too large or not acquired for the sinningia suitable soil, which should be purchased only from a retailer.

So, to enjoy this magical plant, as sinningia, care needs to be at the highest level.

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