Simple secrets of cultivation of winter garlic

The cultivation of winter garlic

Of course it all starts with the choice of planting material.

The teeth should be large, without visible sores, lesions and signs of damage by pests and diseases.

The cultivation of winter garlic

If you plant garlic too early, during the autumn warming it can go into growth. Of course, he will not die, but will weaken, and a good harvest will not give.

If you delay planting, the teeth will not have time to take root and to prepare for winter, also in summer, will inevitably affect the results.

Some relied on the lunar calendar, I do not suggest. The climate of the last years is becoming more unpredictable nature presents surprise after surprise, and the fact that a few decades ago was considered as an axiom, now fails.

Autumn is trying to follow closely the weather forecast, trying on her behavior to guess the correct timing.

Try to guess, from the moment of landing of winter garlic before the onset of sustained cold weather should pass in about 25-30 days. The flower bed after planting it is advisable to mulch with peat or straw.

Caring for garlic

The truth is, special care for garlic no, but some measures still need to be conducted regularly: watering, weeding and hoeing.

If the soil before planting winter garlic was well-prepared and fertile, feeding makes do not have.

In the acidity of the soil is necessary to add wood ash, particularly if it is discovered that the earth turns sour.

Always check the condition of the soil it must be loose and free of weeds, especially in spring before the seedlings become stronger.

Later, when the garlic will get stronger and gain strength, enough to carry out the loosening. Dense soil slows down the development of the heads.

But with the watering must be very carefully. The lack of moisture the leaves prematurely begin to turn yellow and dry. With an excess of water, on the contrary creates a favorable environment for the formation of rot.

Themselves head become watery, which negatively affects the storage of garlic. A month before harvest irrigation should cease, in a different period depending on the weather, in General, follow the soil.

With the appearance of flower arrows, carefully remove them, if you want a few pieces can be left on seeds.


Garlic is very important time to clean and dry off well, otherwise it is stored for a long time will not. The creation of optimal conditions for storage of garlic, will allow You to enjoy the harvest until the next season.

Winter garlic dig in dry weather, so if the forecast promised rain, it is better to collect it a few days earlier.

Do year on year is not necessary, for example, in hot summer garlic ripen faster. It is possible to navigate around for the duration of the growing season after emergence chastised 98-110 days.

Prevention of rotation

This is the key to a stable and good harvest. Garlic, like other vegetable crops susceptible to disease and

the cultivation of winter garlic

the attacks of pests.

Landing on the same spot increases the risk of various afflictions.

Therefore, on the same bed to return it no earlier than 4 years, provided that this place will not grow in culture, exposed to the same diseases and attacks of pests. For example, onions, garlic, potatoes.

A good harvest of garlic yields after peas, beans, cucumber and early cabbage.

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