Side-shoot removing tomato technology

Side-shoot removing tomato

Tomatoes, native to the tropics are prone to grow strongly and gostitsa in a comfortable, greenhouse conditions.

In the axils of the leaves there are buds that give up fast-growing shoots called suckers.

They develop in the same way as the main stem.

The formation of brush and leaves on these shoots are pulled away nutrients necessary for the development of fruits on the main stem.

If in time not to remove side shoots of tomatoes, that is not to remove the shoots, to the middle of July, the greenhouse will be similar to «the jungle».

The plants in this case will not receive enough light and air. The fruit will remain small and actively growing and flowering shoots will require more and more energy.

Many additional brushes may appear in the ovary of the fruit. Here, however, do not expect a yield increase – the ovaries do not ripen until late autumn. Moreover, the tomatoes formed on the racemes of the main stem will also be fine.

The procedure of pinching of tomato is designed to limit the increase of green mass of the Bush. This ensures adequate coverage of plants and good air circulation within the planting, reduces the risk of diseases and destruction of harmful insects.

The frequency and technology of pinching

The Bush tomatoes are capable of forming additional branches at a very young age. Therefore, planting seedlings to a permanent place, inspect it, and gently pinch off the suckers.

Further, the side-shoot removing tomato should be performed weekly during the entire season, including when it begins the ripening of tomatoes and harvest.

It is impossible to prevent degeneration of newly formed shoots. Otherwise they will become too fat, and their removal will be more painful for the parent Bush.

Produce side-shoot removing gloves, after touching the stems and leaves of tomatoes on the skin are washable hard green spots.

This operation is best done bright and early in the morning while in the greenhouse is not very hot. The afternoon sun dried the wound on the plant, thus will be denied access to the pathogens.

If axillary shoots did not exceed a height of 10 cm, they can be easy to break down, rolling her fingers from side to side.

Overgrown Stepsons with a thickened base is better to cut with a sharp knife, scissors or secateurs, leaving a small stump, which will be an obstacle for the new shoots. It is also necessary to remove basal shoots that often form the tomatoes.

The Bush tomato is formed, depending on the variety. If the plant is tall not representative of determinantal varieties, it is grown in one or two of the stem.

The first is the main trunk, and the second is formed from the left to the stepson.

Side-shoot removing tomato

To accelerate fruit ripening in August in these bushes should pinch back the tip because they can grow indefinitely until it is warm.

Side-shoot removing tomato determinantal varieties, should be performed with caution. When you cut all axillary shoots, there is a risk of seizures branches, continues the growth of the Bush.

The development of the main stem is confined to the apical brush. The plant loses its top growth, development stops and ceases to form a new brush and increase green mass.

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