Side-shoot removing tomato – how and time


  • 1. Appointment remove side shoots
  • 2. What is the stepson?
  • 3. The time of the pinching of
  • 4. The types of tomatoes

Remove side shoots of tomatoes

Perhaps every gardener knows that tomatoes are quite capricious plant.

Therefore, in order to get a good harvest should remove side shoots of tomatoes.

Different growing conditions require different methods of pinching.

Appointment remove side shoots

This process is performed to obtain an earlier crop, besides for a long time. Remove side shoots of tomatoes is a kind of protection from various diseases.

In the presence processes of the plant has a non-compact form, and the escape is no much use. Stepchildren take away many useful items, although they go for the junk greens. The process of pinching tomatoes helps to feed nutrients evenly.

What is the stepson?

The stepson called the little thing growing in the leaf axils. One word is an offshoot from the main stem.

First of all, you need to determine the number of stems. For tall varieties it is better to leave 2-3 stems. So during the formation of the main stem it is necessary to leave the supporting trunk, and sprout under the first ovary remove.

The time of the pinching of

The most optimal time for pinching is when the bone will grow to a length of 3-4 cm Thus, the plant will make it hurt less.

Also during this time, the guy still does not consume nutrients in a large quantity, so the plant is better to outsource this process. Most often the remove side shoots of tomatoes is carried out after the appearance of the first inflorescence.

This procedure should be done regularly as the growth of new shoots. As a rule, it is held once a week. If growing tomatoes outdoors, remove side shoots should be done in warm and dry season, because then the damaged area heals better.

Stepson is removed by the method of pridobivanje hand, using pruning shears or secateurs. The Appendix is removed completely. Need to put a stump of 0.5 — 1 cm.

Some gardeners claim that this stump delays the emergence of a new sprout. Although there is also a view that if the stepson is too long, then it should not be removed, as the plant spent a lot of effort.

But if you leave it, the plant will continue to waste energy, so it’s best to remove it. It is important to know that only Matures the fruit that ensued until August.

All the other shoots and blossoms will adversely affect the future harvest. Other ovary much better will grow, but fruit will be larger and emerge earlier.

The types of tomatoes

There are short, medium and tall tomatoes. The dwarf varieties, remove the stems in addition to

remove side shoots of tomatoes

one, which is located near the first ovary.

Later on, this stepson need to keep one sprout, which will be the main stem. At medium grade leaves no more than two stepchildren.

From tall tomatoes remove not only shoots, but also all the lower leaves. The bottom shoots get low light, so the yield on these shoots will be minimal. Remove the shoots have once a week.

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