Shrubs for hedges


caharnyi for isoplot

To define clear boundaries between the garden, garden and recreation area on the dacha planted shrubs for hedges.

For this purpose, ornamental and fruit shrubs, thus, the fence not only creates a beautiful shape fresh greens, but also pleases its delicious fruit.

In addition, it will protect plants from the wind and hidden from prying eyes.

Shrubs for hedges

Before choosing the species of shrubs, consider the plant height and destination, they must also be compatible with approximately equal conditions of care.

A hedge can be a dense and rare, sheared or not, with flowers or without them. The range of plants is quite large, which can be divided into groups.

As ornamental shrubs for hedges suitable: rosehip, hawthorn, lilac, quince (ornamental, Japanese), Darren white, shiny cotoneaster, Potentilla shrub, barbarisi different species, forsythia.

Also prefer physocarpus, Spiraea species with green leaves and varietal with gelei leaves.

Choosing shrubs for hedges of mixed type, consider landscaping the entire suburban area, In this case, you create the project or draw the layout of plants.

For a mixed hedge will suit not only the shrubs but different species of trees.

caharnyi for isoplot

A good combination of fir and birch, pine and maple, elderberry and viburnum, Linden and Darren white, rose with an Euonymus warty.

The location is the best of these cultures in the form of imitation of natural growth, as if here once was a forest.

Achieving a successful combination, the plot becomes completely beyond recognition, he is transformed and looks very nice.

Of fruit bushes for hedges suitable: American decorative currant, which reaches 1.5 meters and the fruit changes color, from red to early summer and ending in black until maturity. By autumn the foliage becomes a dark purple color.

caharnyi for isoplot

Another shrub for hedges Golden currant. She quietly takes a cut when shaping, shading, undemanding to the soil. This may also include red currants.

Regardless of the species of shrubs for hedges, you should make sure that other plants will be comfortable, will not be screened the sun and in abundance, will be nutrients.

Remember that one summer season will not be able to form a hedge, will have to wait a few years for shrubs and trees grew. Not all plants can take root, perhaps some will have to dokazivati.

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