Shower your hands at the cottage inside the house

When I’m at the cottage and started building the garden shed, do not even think that you can build inside the shower stall.

This is all due to the fact that the size of the room, where it can be placed, is too small (4m*3M). Plus, there is still a wooden staircase to attic floor, boiler, kitchen tables, and so on.

First considered the option of buying a ready-made shower stall, no nothing – just the frame. Assuming you have come to the conclusion that it is easier to do with their hands.

Because only one booth costs at least five thousand, and how many still need to use it. And the size, I didn’t quite fit.

Here came the idea to make the shower stall with your hands directly under the stairs. First, space does not occupy and sizes are arbitrary – in fact.

Second, two walls of the corner houses are the same and the walls of cabins, and third – did everything the way you want.

Started with lining the walls, the floor raised, and drew a round of warm floors, laid tile. So, supply of water, warm and hot, also made in the floor.

The inner part of the staircase is sheathed with polycarbonate. The front part of the shower stall, welded square pipe 20*20, the door from the same trubochkina, only 10*10. On the doors on both sides attached polycarbonate.

The ceiling is also made of polycarbonate. Lighting can be integrated between the main house ceiling and the ceiling of the cabin. And the water will not fall, and not mesh.

That’s just a cost of somewhere around five thousand, but with a difference that turned out to be much stronger, more durable, more convenient and of course cheaper.

The photo shows that there is placed a container of clothes, plenty of shelves and hanger. In the store specifically looking for cropped with mixer tap and small sink.

And all this is housed safely inside of the booth without disturbing the wash. I hope for his beloved country, you’ll be able to build a shower inside the house.


shower stall with your own hands

shower stall with your own hands

shower stall with your own hands

shower stall with your own hands

shower stall with your own hands

shower stall with your own hands

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