Shearing shrubs and hedges

Hedge trimming

In order for the shrubs in your yard will delight you with their interesting shapes and attractive appearance they need in a timely haircut.

With the help of cutting and thinning constrained the growth of plants, and formed a beautiful crown.

Decorative hedge trimming involves giving some form to the plant. For each type of bushes has its own particular trimming and also the course of the event.

Hedge trimming

Cut plants should be started no earlier than a year after his landing. Mowing bushes better in cloudy days, and after it, the plant must be watered and fed. You must remember that any plant you need to cut from the bottom up.

From coniferous plants using clippers, you can create amazing topiary composition. And so coniferous shrubs, all favorite plants of gardeners passionate about this art.

It is better to start trimming conifers shrubs in late summer or autumn, when there is no flow of resin. Also in the fall, to form a dense crown, it is necessary to remove one-third increase this year.

When cutting conifers cannot be left bare branches, because this species is not formed dormant buds, and the branch will wither and die.

Mowing hedges

If you are trimming the hedge of conifers, the side walls of the cut strictly according to the template vertically.

All fence from the needles are cut, gradually narrowed upwards. If you do not follow the rule the bottom part of the fence will lose its needles.

Don’t forget about the mass warnings. The resin of conifers is not washed, and some types of arborvitae and juniper are toxic.

Deciduous shrubs to accentuate their nice decorative look, clippers, matters the time of their flowering, the shoots of which it is derived.

In the spring we start to cut the bushes, which will bloom on shoots of the current season, and ornamental shrubs, flowering on shoots of last year, prune after flowering.

Tool for cutting bushes

To care for trees and shrubs every grower has a different set of tools. It is not necessary in this case to economise, and it is better to buy good quality tools. Then they will serve you a long time just will need to undermine.

The main tool for cutting shears. You will work with them for a long time, so in your hand they should be lying comfortably. Definitely not slippery handles, light and with a special coating of the working blades.

Pruners come in different types and sizes. When buying always make sure that the shears can be disassembled for sharpening or replacement of blades. Make it much easier to work on trimming shrubs pruning shears on a long handle.

They should not be difficult, because often when mowing a large area

hedge trimming

shrubs you will have to keep them at arm’s length.

You will also need loppers for pruning hard branches. For large area cutting of bushes can be used cordless, electric and petrol brush cutters.

When you work with them you must strictly adhere to safety rules.

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