Shade-loving plants

shade-loving plants

Not all growers can afford to keep the house a variety of plants and flowers.

Because the layout of apartments does not always involve facing the Sunny side, and all flowers need sunlight, some more than others.

So you have to choose shade-loving potted plants.

It is worth noting that there are also shade-tolerant plants that are equally comfortable feel in a shaded place, and under the bright rays of the sun.

Shade-loving plants are bad for sunlight, the leaves appear burned, they start to hurt wither.

The best location of the shade, sill North-facing Windows, there is a minimum of sunlight.

For the best development of the plants, the earth in flower pots should be fairly fertile, as this group of plants most of the nutrients received from the soil.

Most shade-loving potted plants do not have buds, but due to its decorative and colored foliage, are very popular among gardeners. In addition, they are low maintenance and do not require much attention.

Shade-loving plants for the home

The most simple among shade-loving are: fittonia, calathea, aglaonema, Maranta. They are uniquely decorative and simplicity, although in the winter need extra artificial light.

To a higher shade-loving houseplants include ficus, cordyline, aucuba, tis capitate. They all have a tree structure and a well-known gardeners.

Also among the popular and beautiful indoor plants that do not tolerate direct sunlight, it is necessary to allocate a dracaena.

All lovers of trees should pay attention to hamedori, it refers to the shade, and with proper care, will delight you with its beautiful yellow flowers all year round.

Even among the palm trees, you can select some plants that grow well in the shade. You can pay attention to Rapis, he feels equally well in the sun and in the shade.

shade-loving plants - Saintpaulia

In repisa beautiful carved leaves, which resemble fern plants.

Among the ferns you can also select adiantum, Nephrolepis and pteris Cretan, they can be safely attributed to the shade, they need shading from bright sun.

Flowering shade plantsAmong the flowering houseplants that do not need a good light you can mark violet (S. ionantha), begonia, clivia.

Of course shade-loving plants much more, we listed only the most common that you’ll find in flower shops.

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