Septic tanks for cottages with his own hands

septic tanks for cottages

The problem associated with human waste, familiar to all gardeners.

Over time, the question arises, where to put them, if Central Sewerage is missing.

The task can be solved in several ways.

In this article we will look at the septic tank for the cottages, but rather the advantages and disadvantages of the purchase of the treatment plant made by their own hands.

The septic tank referred to as a flow device installed usually on a country site, for the treatment of domestic sewage in a small volume. Cleaning design can be buy and to dig with their hands or make yourself.

Purchase septic tank maintenance. Without any harm you can use a detergent with chlorine.

You can connect the system drain from the basin, shower and so on. Resistant to clogging. Provides protection from power outages. In the winter, if the septic tank at the cottage is not being used, nor any action for conservation is not required. Cleaning system some do contain needed.

If the soil podbroshennye or floating, it is better to use the factory setup, as during the construction of septic tanks for cottages with his own hands, there could be a rise of groundwater, which will interfere with the construction.

Manufacturer of a septic tank usually comes from the rubber tires of trucks, concrete rings, bricks, eurokubas and concrete.

Of course, the costs of construction are cheaper, but not significantly, and thus remains a number of drawbacks (unpleasant smell, need for pumping) due to the fact that there is only mechanical treatment.

Missing chemical and biological purification. Adding special bacteria may not help because they need certain conditions.

Factory to septic tanks for cottages can be installed even in the Siberian region, where the freezing depth of soil to two, three or more meters. Just need more insulation foam on the sides,

septic tanks for cottages

and on top of sewer pipes.

Back to the question-in cash costs, when I calculated the necessary costs for the construction of a septic tank at the cottage with his own hands, virtually no savings worked.

I had to buy the material (concrete, gravel, formwork, insulation), a tractor for excavation of pit and installation.

Plus your own time, a few weeks of work. Yet the fact that all goes well and the system will work as expected.

On the other scale was validated organization, with the guarantee and in short terms will establish septic tank in the country under the key. To be honest, I chose the second option several years of use and worries do not know.

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